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Buying Fans On Facebook: A Big No-No

Social Media Marketing | Admin | Updated: 2013-11-25

Buying Fans On Facebook: A Big No-No

Social Media Marketing is the biggest buzzword in the online marketing circle right now. More and more businesses are clamouring to get onto the social media marketing bandwagon to widen their market reach & attract more online buyers. When it comes to naming one of the most popular social networking sites, Facebook is often regarded as the hands-down winner. As per the figures released by Facebook in May 2013, it had approx. about 1.11 Billion active users then. After having a look at this figure, you can easily imagine the possibility of promotion that exists on a popular social networking site such as Facebook. Many reputed names in the industry have realised the need for Social Media Optimization today, & are taking measures to harness the power of social networks like Facebook.

Facebook A Popular Platform For Online Promotion

Many popular brands have realized the potential of Facebook as a wonderful platform to promote their products & services in an effective manner. It is very easy to come across popular brands having fan pages on Facebook to lure online buyers. More the likes on such fan pages, more popular the brand is considered to be. On the flip side, many brands also tend to buy fans & get them to like their Facebook page. But this strategy cannot work for long, & will eventually misfire.

Buying Fans On Facebook: Why It Will Not Work?

The logic behind why this strategy will not work is very simple. You may pay many 100s of people to like your fan page on Facebook, but then what? Since all these fake fans are there only because you paid them money, they wont be interested in your posts or in recommending your product/services to others in their friend circle. You may have spent many hours and considerable efforts in framing interesting posts, but it will all be a waste since your followers have no genuine interest in your brand.

So at the end, you have a huge fan following to flaunt around but their business worth is an absolute zero. It would be a smarter idea to rather invest in Facebook adverts in order to ensure maximum promotion for your brand. An even better idea would be to spend the money in reaching out to people who may be genuinely interested in your brand or else in consolidating your existing fan base (the genuine one, however small it may be). A fan page on Facebook can prove to be a powerful tool for online promotion, but only if you go about it in the right manner. Request a Free Quote

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