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An Overview Of Internet Marketing

Digital Marketing | Admin | Updated: 2012-10-22

An Overview Of Internet Marketing

You all must be very much aware of Internet Marketing and its various strategies. The practice of promoting ideas, goods and services online has gained momentum at a rapid pace. But have you ever imagined what catalysts have driven this change where conventional marketing techniques seem to have lost their impact. Is this change really a positive one or not? If there are positives then, are they substantial for you to switch to online marketing strategies? These questions need to be answered to reach a logical conclusion.

There are two aspects that make online marketing all the more powerful than all other marketing platforms; Interactivity and individualization. If you compare, it will be pretty clear that conventional one-way mass promotion has little scope for interactivity for the stakeholders. These stakeholders comprise of manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and customers. Generally, what happens is that the marketing message is directed at the target market without caring much about the immediate feedback. Internet Marketing eliminates this drawback and allows both the parties to be interactive.

Further, online there can be quick and fruitful exchange of personalized dialogues between the firms and an individual. Such an interaction tremendously increases the probability of converting a lead into sales. In terms of strategic planning and execution, Internet Marketing doesn't differ much from conventional marketing. Situation appraisal and analysis form the core of the planning. Based on the analysis, strengths and weaknesses are evaluated. Consequently, opportunities and threats in the market can be determined.

Different Strategies For Internet Marketing

Today, internet marketing has taken the world by storm; people are using this technique to market their brand name. For those who want to make use of internet marketing perfectly, these are some of the strategies that you can adopt to make profit from the same.

  • Search Engine Optimization : Optimizing any content to gain ranking on search engine result page is known as search engine optimization. Google or any other search engine for that matter uses various algorithms which can either increase your SERP ranking or make it very low if your content is not correctly optimized for search engines. Hubspot has even concluded from its study that 80% of a website's traffic always starts with a search query; so make sure that your website is optimized for search engines so that it gets higher SERP ranking.
  • Social Media Marketing : Social media plays an important role in internet marketing and can help increase your audience reach magically if practiced effectively. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and even Snapchat can help you gain a high visibility for your content. Know your audience and market your content on various social media platforms with your buyer persona in mind.
  • Pay Per Clicks : In Pay per click or PPC marketing, you are asked to pay a small fee for all the times a visitor clicks on your advertisement. This helps you to get more audience in a short time. If you know how to manage PPC campaigns efficiently then this can be one of the best ways to generate a number of leads in a short time and that too without paying a large sum. While you are doing your PPC campaign, don't forget to test your ad copy and change the same if it doesn't work out nicely.
  • Email Marketing : Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of internet marketing. In this type of marketing, you send mass emails that include links back to your service page to various subscribers. With an ROI as high as 3800%, email marketing should be one of your foremost internet marketing strategies to increase conversion rates. In order to have a more effective email marketing campaign, you need to adopt a more individualistic and personalized approach rather than a business strategy for all your subscribers.
  • Content Marketing : Content marketing has emerged as an important tool in the marketing industry over the past few years. While drafting an engaging and shareable content is of utmost importance in content marketing, it is also indispensable that you make use of your content to generate leads as well. You need to write or post a content that makes people want to take some action for it. Have a call to action at the end of your post so that people feel that they need help and will be drawn towards your services.

These were some of the most important strategies that you need to incorporate in your internet marketing to get more leads in a short time and that too without shelling out a fortune. An integral part of internet marketing is to create a strong online presence. For that, you must get your website designed and developed by a highly professional company. The design of the website; all its technical, graphical and structural aspects must be as per the Search Engine Optimization parameters. That will definitely help your cause of compelling Internet Marketing.

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