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Allow Search Engine Spider to Spend More Time on Web Page

Digital Marketing | Admin | Updated: 2009-11-16

Allow Search Engine Spider to Spend More Time on Web Page

Search Engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc. have their specialized spiders (most prominent being the Google spider) that are designed to crawl over the net, search for websites and then rank them according to their worth. High ranking on a search engine ensures maximum exposure to the users, which in turn means more business. Websites are designed keeping in mind the parameters that a spider uses while finding a site. The higher rankings on the search Engine depends on the time a spider spends on a website.

The following are the factors that a web designer should apply while creating a site:

  • Optimal Utilization of SEO tactics
  • Good link structure and site architecture
  • Use of dynamic URLs must be avoided
  • WebPages should have a fast download time
  • XML Site Map

Optimal Utilization of SEO tactics :

SEO provides certain guidelines that help the sites to be easily tracked by the search engine spiders. The SEO tactics enables a website to acquire better search engine rankings. The various guidelines that SEO offers us are:-

  • Keywords and Meta Tags to be primarily used on the front page
  • Use of hyperlinks- links that take you to other sites
  • Images to be marked with keywords
  • Use of Bookmarking
  • Use of Blogs

Good link structure and site architecture : -

The site should be designed to ease the spider's crawling. If there will be more than two or three clicks to reach the main product range or services, there is a possibility that the spider does not reach there. So it is important to design the site carefully, also almost all the pages should contain links that are attached to other pages. This will help the search engine spider to stay longer on your site.

Use of dynamic URLs must be avoided :-

A URL that is not in plain English mostly traps the spider, which in turns leads to possibility of spider not analyzing your site. So, links in simple and plain English must be used. Also hyphens should be used instead of underscores so as to allow easy navigation of the search engines spiders.

WebPages should have a fast download time :-

ensure that your site is concise and takes minimum amount of time to be uploaded. This will ease the spider to easily navigate through their site.

XML Site Map :-

  • With the help of a Site Map, list of pages in a website is highlighted. Site Map should be submitted to the search engines in order to speed up the navigation process.
  • Besides these web designers should also be careful while using flash and should also ensure that the content of the site is not duplicate.

All the above points are highly beneficial and effective. Their use guarantees the prolong stay of search engine spiders on your website and hence increase the opportunity of your site to be ranked higher.

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