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7 SEO Trends To Look Out In 2017

Search Engine Optimization | Admin | Updated: 2017-02-09

7 SEO Trends To Look Out In 2017

Well, the past year has come to an end which was quite challenging and volatile in terms of SEO trends and strategies. Google kept on updating its various algorithms and the thousands of content marketers kept incorporating new search engine optimization techniques to keep up with their SERP rankings. These SEO techniques can change every year, every month and even every week. Since we have bid adieu to 2016, its time we welcome the New Year with open arms and embrace all the new SEO tactics that it brings along.

SEO specialists are always on their toes to come up with new strategies to be accepted by the latest Google algorithms. As we enter into this year, let's have a look at the various strategies that we need to work on in order to optimize the content in the right manner and get excellent results in content marketing. Read on to know about the 7 most important trends that you may witness in 2017 and how you can use them to gain more visibility on various search engines.

Target The M-World

The number of smartphone users has crossed a breathtaking limit of 2.1 billion by the close of 2016. According to the GWI Device Flagship Report, mobile phones are considered to be the most used device for viewing all the important stuff by over 41% of the people (overtaking PCs and Laptops). This forces the SEO strategists to work more on optimizing the content for mobile work rather than working on desktops or laptops. Additionally, Google's mobile-first indexing would also ensure that most of the content is optimized for mobile viewing instead of desktop or tablet viewing.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP was announced by Google is a criterion for making the page fast and responsive for quick mobile loading. It would help in enhancing the user experience by making your site more optimized for mobile browsing. According to Google, the page speed can be increased by up to 15%-85% using AMP and speed is very important in today's fast-paced life of users.

Optimize For Allo

Google Allo, launched in September 2016, has already made its presence felt in the online world with around 150,000 downloads for android devices in the past 4 months itself. Your Google Assistant that Allo provides should find it easy to fetch your content from the internet when a person asks for its assistance. In order to make this successful, you should have your content optimized for Allo as well.

Quality Would Still Rule Over Quantity

The year 2016 was all about giving away high-quality content instead of just churning out low-quality content in abundance. This trend still continues in 2017 and with a more powerful impact. Google will be giving better SERP ranking for better content that is not stuffed with keywords. Your content must have only 1% or 2% keyword density in order to be safe from Googles Penguin algorithm.'

Long Content Is In

Google understands that people are more driven towards getting well-researched and qualitatively-rich content and appreciates any content that adheres to these terms. According to a research done by Backlingo, which analyzed around 1 million Google results, most of the first page results were averaged to have around 1,890 words. This means that long content which has all the information at one place is given more priority by Google.

Metadata Still Works

Many people have stopped focusing on their metadata after getting on with several types of other SEO trends. Metadata and formatting are important keys for content optimization even after the content has been posted on the internet. Going by the latest trend, metadata should at least be 100 characters long otherwise it may not be able to cope up with the new length-setting limits. The main keywords must be incorporated in your content's meta description; this strategy is used by around 99% of the top resulting sites.

Use Of Schema

Schema markup is an important aspect that would enable the search engines to understand your content better; allowing them to know the type of content you have delivered. They can get a clear insight into your content and know what its main purpose is. While Google is displaying quick answers, it uses schema markup to understand your content and offer it as an answer. The content should also look appealing in snippets and should be optimized accordingly. This trend of Google giving away quick answers has gradually increased from 22% in 2014 to 40% in 2016.

Once you have read all the latest search engine optimization trends for the year 2017, its time you now incorporate all these strategies in your content to garner more SERP ranking. These statistical data would definitely help you in getting more traffic for your website. The bygone year saw a number of drastic SEO changes (because of Google algorithm updates) that were incorporated successfully by many of the content marketers. If you want to profit with your quality-rich content even in the coming year then these trends must be incorporated ASAP so as to get better traffic and conversion rates.

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  • Bindal Infotech
    29 March, 2017 at 11:42 am

    Thanks for sharing this nice article. It will really help us lot to improve the SEO with these great tips.


  • Reseau
    01 March, 2017 at 11:57 am

    Very good content post by you. I read this and understand your post. your target on the main point that is needed for SEO. This post is Improve the beginner's skill who want to learn in this field.


  • Ananth
    21 February, 2017 at 8:50 am

    Thanks for sharing a valuable knowledge about latest seo trends . Among from those 7 points schema and AMP are my favourite one..Because they will add a great asset to SEO work


  • Sandip Singh
    14 February, 2017 at 10:35 am

    Thanks for sharing this great information. Keep posting.


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