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6 Unbelievable Ways To Decrease Digital Marketing Budget For Startups

Digital Marketing | Poonam | Updated: 2019-11-14

6 Unbelievable Ways To Decrease Digital Marketing Budget For Startups

Since the last decade, the marketing industry has been witnessing major transformations. It is consistently burgeoning since it was introduced to digitization. Online marketing or digital marketing revolutionized the trend of reaching the target audience and gradually, it became an integral part of business, whether a startup or a pre-established company in any industry.

Today, more than 78% of social media users have multiple accounts on social media and it includes Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. Thus, restraining to a website and expecting a startup business to flourish seems like breaking boulders under the sun. India is continuously excelling in several fields and that's a major reason why startups are emanating in profusion.

As we all know, startups do not have a mammoth budget. Right from managing bills, paying salaries, and bearing digital marketing costs, it isn't easy for a startup to hurt a pre-set budget without accumulating revenue. Moreover, hiring a digital marketing company in India for managing online marketing is not a cakewalk. Though these companies bring a tremendous change, you require signing some hefty paycheques.

Do not worry. Just gulp some water because it is easy to manage things. You can cut the marketing budget without hampering your marketing initiatives. As you peruse further, you'll come across some interesting stratagem for managing the budget and promoting the business without hassle. Get weaving.

  • Prefer Content Marketing

Let's accept the fact that some people make the smart use of clickbait by updating their social media. That's indeed a great way of promoting your company/brand/services. A digital marketing company in India will charge you a hefty sum for promoting you online. So instead of showering all your currency notes on them, prefer drafting write-ups aware people. Come up with some data-driven blogs, articles, infographics, press releases etc., with witty captions/headlines. Add a sharing link that will help your website getting backlinks. This will enhance your reach.

  • Never Entertain Unwanted Leads

For startups in India and other parts of the world, it becomes mandatory for startups to take a follow up from leads that haven't been converted into loyal customers. However, startups should never place additional efforts in entertaining such leads. The wiser move will be focusing on the target audience. By contacting those leads who do not respond is a total wastage of precious time. Although exceptions exist and some startups may find success by contacting repetitively their non-answering leads. Always prefer the industry-specific leads, induce them, and transform them into loyal customers.

  • Nothing's Bad That's Free

There are multiple paid promotion options on social media. But with a limited budget, you can make the best use of all free features of different social media platforms. No rocket-science in this, just pure strategy. As mentioned previously that 78% of the global populace owns multiple social media accounts, you can make the best use of yours! Just post the updates on these platforms. Moreover, adding multiple hashtags will also increase the reach of your post without a surcharge!

  • Recreate & Rock

Digital marketing companies in India or any part of the world breathe because of the innovative pillars known as marketing experts. They do have a content development team armed with the ammo called writing skills & vocabulary. If you can hire one for your development, go for it. In case your budget doesn't allow, we got something for you. Create basic content smartly and repurpose it in a way that it can be dynamically used for multiple projects. For example, write a brief product description that can be dynamically elaborated into a blog, article, infographic or an explainer video. In a nutshell, its about how versatile you are in delivering creativity and save time.

  • DIY To Save Money

Cutting the marketing budget without hampering the profit is to let go of agencies that you think you should hire. Digital marketing involves numerous things that people can do themselves conveniently. For example, if you're familiar with the SEO practices and concept or someone you know who can handle it, start managing the same on your own. This will not just save costs but promote SEO skills as well. If you can't practice this, simply hire marketing interns and get the work done without spending money.

  • Create Engaging Visual Content

By creating lucrative video content, you can easily improvise the digital marketing stratagem. Video content marketing proves to be always beneficial, whether for a startup or a pre-established company. Visual content requires excellent scripting that entails necessary information like who are you, what services you provide, what advantages people will enjoy after connecting with you etc. Even if the video doesn't contain much information, it will still attract several people to your website.

We'll Meet Soon

Even Rome wasn't built in a day then how can anyone expect a startup to uphill success immediately? Though the battle of competition is fierce, you can still stand-out in the market by following the aforementioned stratagem. Just remember that your business requirements will fluctuate with time. In case you feel to invest wisely, remember scrolling past this amazing guide!

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