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6 Tips you've been missing in Email Marketing!

Email Marketing | Ankit Gupta | Updated: 2020-03-06

6 Tips you've been missing in Email Marketing!

Today, almost every business operating on a small scale or large scale has a website. With a website, it becomes convenient to reach the customers, generate leads, and convert them into clients. How leads are generated? What is the right way to stay in touch with customers to retain them? A resounding answer propelled in the head is email marketing. Undoubtedly, email marketing is a crucial pillar of digital marketing and it assists a brand in reaching its target audience on an extensive scale. However, I've observed that even today there are several businesses that keep email marketing at bay. Instead of utilizing the best of technology, businesses are maintaining distance from it just to witness degradation in the future. During my professional life as a digital marketer, I concluded that email marketing promises better results as compared to the social media giants like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. That's a major reason why a huge part of the profit earned by a company is invested in the email marketing agency it has hired. Read on and you will find out some tips for email marketing that will help in generating more sales.

Some Golden Tips for Email Marketing

If you skip this part, you might lose a magic lamp that grants anything you desire.

  • The KYA Module

Everything in the email marketing industry operates on the KYA module. KYA is an abbreviation for Know Your Audience. Without understanding the audience, it is not possible to magnetize their interest. The content crafted in the email should be audience-friendly so that apprehending it doesn't seem to be a tough nut to crack. Hence, it becomes essential to understand that every name on your list has different interest and forwarding the same email doesn't seem to be an effective strategy. As per my experience, I would suggest creating customer segments to understand what ticks them. When you grab this concept by the root, it will surely bear fruits for your business.

  • Consistency Is The Key

An email marketing professional cannot be a spammer while sending emails to those individuals who have subscribed to the service willingly. Email spamming is when you're shooting mails blindly to those people you have no professional relationship. Moreover, it has been recorded that people do check their emails daily as everyone carries mobile. Even if it's a promotional mail, people will read it. So, it is fine as your potential competitors are following the same practice. This way, a brand can generate more sales.

  • The KISS Module

Keeping It Short & Simple or KISS module works every time whenever the content is included. Instead of selling to them directly, trigger them with soft nudges to understand what ticks them. Hence, keeping emails short is a necessity. As I mentioned earlier that most of us, including you and I, read emails on our respective mobile phones, we would simply prefer reading those mails that are short. That's what email marketing agencies are doing. They keep emails short and use powerful language for conveying the message in lesser words. And, not to forget, remain casual but use powerful language. When your word game is strong, it surely leaves an impact.

  • Email Personalization- The Golden Brick

As per the latest email marketing trends, personalizing every email is a necessity. By leveraging the superiority, the brand can make the prospect customer feel special and aim even clearly for generating sales. According to a report submitted in the second quarter of 2019, many businesses saw an upscale of 23% in their sales. The prime reason behind the supreme climb was sending personalized emails. If you're thinking how long would it take, just read the KYA module. It will be a great apprentice for understanding the audience and sending them the appropriate email. Here's a secret that I'm revealing adding a personal touch to the email can do wonders.

  • Craft a Catchy Subject Line

The email word game should not only be strong but crispy and catchy as well. The open rate of an email depends on the subject line crafted. No other subject line will sell until it is shocking, controversial or humorous. If your subject line doesn't fit in these three categories, you might face hardship in generating sales. I'm not asserting this, but email marketing experts claim this fact. With weak subject lines, your emails are likely to fall in the unread category. But, modern problems require modern solutions (haha!). You can solve it by inserting some punctuations, symbols, bullets etc., that lend a helping hand to an email subject line.

  • Repeat Your Success; Make Minor Changes

When an email marketing campaign becomes successful, it shed positive results. Those emails shouldn't be scrambled, but used for targeting the audience that didn't make a purchase. With this change, you would be able to understand at what point the stratagem was weak. By resending the successful emails to potential clients and ones with whom you have no relation. It will bring out the opportunity to rearrange the CTA and generate more sales in the future.

We'll Meet Soon

All the email marketing tips & trends that I shared with you are based on my personal experience and industrial research. They might sound basic but when applied, you can surely yield the best results. To ooze more sales, you require implementing the above-listed strategies. Though results would not appear overnight, it will take time and things will be scalable for you. It just needs professionalism and attention to details for yielding the best with email marketing hacks.

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