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6 Proven Ways To Attract Organic Traffic To Your Website

Tips & Tutorial | Poonam | Updated: 2019-11-08

6 Proven Ways To Attract Organic Traffic To Your Website

Once a great web expert said that organic traffic doesn't come easy and his words are being repeated everywhere. If your website is served with professional web SEO services, trust me, things will go fine in 2020 as well as they have been through 2019. But what if one fine day, you wake up and check the Google analytics of your website and it lags. It would be a serious issue, wouldn't it? Today, there are millions of people who face the same issue. Even after creating a website and expecting things to change, it takes a long time for many to generate organic traffic.

Being a former web SEO service expert, I agree that brands, bloggers, service providers etc., lock horns to sustain prominence on the internet. All are brainstorming and coming up with innovations to keep themselves an easily visible website on the internet. Besides, I do agree that black hat & clickbait stratagem are on the flow as well and its practice should be condemned. You can generate the organic traffic on your website with the right web SEO services. With my experience over the years, I've compiled some points for increasing the organic traffic and decreasing the bounce rate.

  • Keep an Eye on The SEO Progress

The acquisition of organic traffic on your website is a never-ending process. Even with the right web SEO services, acquisition of the traffic should never be ignored even if your website shows among the top 3 in the search results. It is a wise option to monitor and analyze what all is working fine and what hampers the inflow of the organic traffic. Since your website is attracted to several backlinks, keep analyzing the right bunch of backlinks. Periodic analysis of the backlinks will surely make it easier to understand things that work well for your website.

  • Feed Your Website With Quality Content

Let's recall that "Content is King" and quality content is a magnet for numerous reliable backlinks. The lack of quality content on the website is a major flaw that increases the bounce rate and degrades the search result rankings on Google. Instead of stuffing it regularly with plagiarized content or just for the sake of keeping it active, update the website with fresh & quality content by turning to the professional web SEO service providers. Remember, the rankings of your website will automatically increase when it will be adorned with quality content for attracting organic content.

  • Expert-Authoritative-Trustworthy

With my experience, I count over the E-A-T module that is used by Google to judge the website. This module is developed for the betterment of the website rankings and user's interest. The module judges the site over who wrote the content (noob/pro), the content itself & its quality (shareable/explicit), and the website as a whole. With a plethora of factors, some are enlisted for your convenience to understand the E-A-T module. Every E-A-T certified website includes:

  • Complete information & contact details and policies.
  • Verifying who writes the content. For example: real estate advisory would be more trustworthy when coming from a real estate agent.
  • The online reputation (OR) of the website. It comprises all ratings, reviews, recommendation, recognitions, and awards.
  • The content running on the website and its relevance to it. For example: Baking tips on a medical portal wouldn't be reliable.
  • Weave Attractive Headlines

"Harry Potter Cast: Then & Now", "11 Multi-Millionaires & Their Net Worth", and more headlines like these are catchy. They evoke a spark to click the link, don't they? Of course, they do! With my experience, I can assert that every website does not have a unique portrayal of information despite being its content being fresh. Thus, it becomes mandatory to come up with attractive headlines. Let me spill the beans for weaving the right headlines. Its formula is numerical+adjective+keyword and that's a perfect example you read just at the beginning of this paragraph. Attractive headlines draw organic traffic to the website. No clickbait, no blackhat practice, just pure creativity, and this formula.

  • The Cocktail Technique

Another reason why organic traffic is decreasing on your website is too many similar posts. For example, multiple posts related to marketing will eventually create a loophole and restrain organic traffic from visiting the website. As a result, the bounce rate will be increased and rankings will fall. This can be resolved by merging all similar posts or as we say the cocktailing. By cocktailing similar posts, you can scale the increased traffic.

  • Extensive Promotion on Social Media

There's a thin line of difference between promoting your website on social media and extensively promoting your website on social media. When we talk about web SEO services for business promotion, social media serves as a fantastic apprentice. The prominent reason is that one can reach an anonymous audience across the globe within moments and that's all. Its done! No, it is not. Just by sharing links and leaving a traditional Please Subscribe is just fancy bells & whistles. You should do the smart work by sharing short clips/excerpts on different social media platforms, whether famous or not-so-famous. Different links for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook will not do wonders alone. By staying active on Quora, Pinterest, and Reddit, you can attract organic traffic by backlinking the website.

Until We Meet Again

If you are reading this line, I guess you either want to attract the organic traffic to the website or want to enhance the ongoing operations for better results. To get the right traffic and increase website rankings on Google, following the tips aforementioned can bear fruits for you. Make sure you emphasize on the right SEO technique, keyword reconsideration, and no clickbait.

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