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6 Must-Know SEO Trends For 2020: Top The Google Search Results

Search Engine Optimization | Poonam | Updated: 2019-10-23

6 Must-Know SEO Trends For 2020: Top The Google Search Results

In 2019, we saw various advancements that changed SEO trends. The year 2020 is knocking at the door. With the forthcoming year, SEO techniques will continue to grow because it is ever-evolving. SEO ninjas across the globe are exploring the better SEO trends for the future that'll help the website to maintain higher rankings on Google search results. Algorithms, crawlers, snippets etc., continue to evolve owing to the changes made in the methods of analyzing & assessing the data present on different websites.

Checking out the best SEO trends for 2020 is on the bucket-list of every SEO India company. This is because not every trend of 2019 will continue to reign in 2020. Exploring the trends for the forthcoming year is essential because it will tell which new trends will disseminate and the ones that'll de-board the train. Most importantlyThe implementation of this knowledge for increasing the website ranking on Google. Here's a quick look at some key trends that'll be turning out to be a huge change for the SEO.

Voice Search with Content Ranking

With consistently advancing AI, the voice search has made things easier. Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa have sorted things out for humans. According to I.T mavens, voice search is the future of changing SEO trends. In the previous year, 50% of the searches were performed using the voice search feature and in 2020, it is expected that voice search will have a major impact. Users will continue to use this feature on a huge scale in 2020 as well. According to Stacy Caprio, CEO, acceleratedgrowthmarketing.com, voice search will be primarily used for finding answers to questions.

  • Backlinks Define Relevance

With great website content comes relevant backlinks. Of course! People want their website to be promoted for free via backlinks. If you emphasis on creating authentic and informative content, you're doing a great job because when a website gets relevant backlinks, its ranking gets higher on Google. Instead of turning toward the black-hat practice, it is better to create quality content and get backlinks. With this long-tail, Google will automatically understand the relevance of the website and grow its rank.

  • The Review Score- It Matters

No website can have high Google rankings without reviews. That's a major reason for several individual websites getting the paid reviews done just to gain a position on the first three pages. Google is alarmed by the increasing Black Hat activities. The search engine is always on the hunt for ranking genuine websites that have been reviewed by real people and not digital bots. In order to get a better ranking on Google, individuals should emphasis on how to accumulate positive results and happy customers.

  • Mobile-Friendly Equals To Google Friendly

We all know that a sizable global populace has access to mobile phones and spends a major portion of time scrolling the internet. Moreover, online shopping has been gaining pace and to increase Google rankings, your website should be mobile-friendly. With the help of SEO, it becomes easier for buyers to search for their nearest for a particular brand. This also benefits sellers when they register themselves on Google My Business, Google Maps etc., for expanding it. This trend will continue to grow in 2020 as well.

  • Video Content

Video content is the new entrant in the market that is expected to be the long run beneficiary. When you approach an SEO India company, it does offer the video content creation for the organization or brand. It is a great way of attracting organic traffic. Video content is entertaining than the traditional SEO description because it has better strategies to index the website on high Google ranking. It can be accomplished by choosing an appropriate video platform, inserting a transcript, adding an engaging thumbnail, suitable video title, make it SEO optimized, and embed it for the chosen platform.

  • Using Other Search Engines

Undoubtedly, Google is the Czar of search engines worldwide. For finding an answer, people visit Google. However, we always forget that there are several other search engines resting on the internet as well. Well-known platforms like Amazon Search, DuckDuckGo, and Bing allow embedding the website according to their lenient standards. This makes it facile for people to earn better ratings on these smaller platforms. With attractive rankings on these search engines, your website will surely get a higher ranking on Google.

Concluding It

You just read about some amazing trends that will roll out big in 2020 for making SEO smoother. Google works on the information it receives about the website according to the trends like these or related to these. The authenticity of the website determines its Google ranking. However, these trends keep changing. If you were aware of any of the trends listed above then it is good for you. It is time to work better on these trends for generating organic traffic for increasing ranking.

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