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5 Tips For Powering Your Business With Humor

Digital Marketing | Ankit Gupta | Updated: 2020-02-17

5 Tips For Powering Your Business With Humor

"ROFL, LMAO, LOL, HAHA" etc., are some abbreviations we often use in our daily lives. I admit using these a lot while chatting on WhatsApp or whenever I come across memes. I've realized that humor has become an inextricable part of our lives. Whatever the situation is, there are humorous things that bring a Cheshire cat smile on our faces. Even I have a funny rib inside me that hardly comes out. Anyway, I was just thinking that what would happen when some humor would be blended in business. I mean it is pure creativity for fostering the business.

Alright, let's cut it short. Humor is a great tool for increasing the reach of a business. Writing jokes will not do the job alone. You need to incorporate humor in the right manner. This is usually a hard nut to crack. If I compile in a nutshell, I'd say that you need to mold humor appropriately to make the business viral through social media. Many digital marketing agencies in India and overseas are making the best use of this practice. In the simplest form, I'll conclude that humor sells. While I brew some coffee, peruse this write-up and understand how humor can make your business viral through social media.

Humor is Effective

There are three reasons why humor sells.

  • It is Delightful

People tend to skip ads because they're skeptical of the ideas. But when humor is incorporated, people become defenseless. When people find a content amusing or hilarious, their skepticism is automatically reduced because the message is conveyed openly.

  • Helps in Connecting With Audience

Boosting business is beyond sharing information. It is about staying close to your existing and potential customers. Since the formal approach is reduced by incorporating humor, customers can easily connect with a brand. Today, every brand is turning to a digital marketing agency for weaving the golden thread to win over the trust and connect with the customer.

  • It is Shareable

Didn't you forward the memes of Grumpy Cat, Condescending Wonka, The Success Kid, Ermahgerd Girl etc.? Trust me, these memes are evergreen and never fail to make us laugh. Now if you know the art of incorporating the right meme properly, it will be a sure shot benefit for your business. All you need is a lot of creativity.

Serious Marketing is Outdated

If your company is doing some serious business, it doesn't mean the marketing stratagem should be sophisticated. Companies often take a soft jibe at competitors in the industry for magnetizing attention and making the business viral through social media. A digital marketing agency incorporates the right humor appropriately. But at the same time, it is essential to understand that kind & volume of humor. Vulgarity and excessive humor will not upscale the business growth on social media. To add humor, you can incorporate quizzes to boost sales and recognition.

Humor Curtains The Sales Strategy

Let's talk about Ching's Chinese soup adverts. Ranveer Singh, a renowned B-Town celebrity who endorses the brand. These adverts are humorous most of the time due to their unconventionality. The strategy defines the right way for promoting the product without revealing the sales strategy. In this way, they are able to connect with consumers closely. I must appreciate the strategy for promoting the product and gathering business by thinking out-of-the-box.

Injecting Timely Humor

Alright, not everyone prefers additional satires and sarcasm all the time. Some things should remain professional where they should be. But when the time arrives, you should bang the moment to steal the limelight. The timely humor technique is followed by several digital marketing agencies worldwide. Using this tactic, especially during a special event, for example, an international cricket match of India, a brand can connect with more fans effortlessly. This will also strengthen the bond between the brand and its consumers.

Humorous Interaction with Consumers/Followers

This is the unsaid golden rule for every business out there. If you interact with consumers, it's good; if you interact frequently, that's best. But interaction containing humor is awesome! Whenever someone puts up a question, respond hilariously. It will be appreciated widely.

Happy Punning

Trends are consistently changing in the current world. When you know how to play the right jokester, things will definitely fall on your side. It just requires the right planning for executing it aptly. Don't just draft content for promotional basis, but brew some unique ideas amalgamated with humor to enhance the reach extensively. It is the universal truth that humor stomps universal appeal. That's the reason advocating for it to be included in making the business viral. I shared some tips that will surely help you upscale the business and make it viral. If an idea appeals to you, apply it to your business (and thank me later).

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