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5 Things To Do If Your Guest Post Pitch Is Rejected

Digital Marketing | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2019-03-27

5 Things To Do If Your Guest Post Pitch Is Rejected

Turning out to be one of the most powerful content tools, guest blogging has helped a number of publishers get high authority link juices to their website. Not only does guest blogging attract more qualified traffic and a higher authority but it also promises relevant links and higher number of leads to the site. Gregory Ciotti, generating 36,733 email subscribers and Jon Cooper, getting more than 400 hits on Moz through one guest post are just two of the success stories that inspire people to write info-rich content as a guest blogger. While many content publishers and SEO experts at different organizations keep looking for high domain authority sites to pitch their guest post, not every guest post pitch is accepted. Here are the reasons that lead to the rejection of guest blog pitches.

  • One of the main reasons for the rejection of your guest blog pitch is that the submission guidelines have not been clearly followed. There are not just proper ways in which guest posting platforms expect to receive the pitches but also have certain formats for the content being sent.
  • Poorly written pitches without a lot of research also end up being rejected. It is important to go through the content once it is ready and ensure it is grammatically correct. The connection with the topic should also be very clear to avoid rejections. Having the best content management system and content writing team can help in writing great pitches that get accepted.
  • Another major reason why guest post pitches get rejected is that the content being pitched is not nearly close to the niche of the platform. This not just shows the unclear understanding of the platform niche but also proves that the pitcher hasn't even gone through the blogs to find some connection.

If your guest post has also been rejected, don't lose all hope. First, identify the reason behind the rejection and read on to find some great things you can still do even after getting your guest post pitch rejected.

What To Do If Guest Blog Pitch Is Rejected

Getting rejection for a guest blog pitch can be hard to digest, especially when you are pitching for a great authority site. But rejection doesn't mean the death of your content. There are many things you can do to your guest blog pitch once it is rejected to ensure your content doesn't end up in trash.

  • Ask For Feedbacks One of the first things to do for a guest post rejection is to ask the editor of the platform to give their feedback. This could include anything from asking reasons for the rejection to asking if any changes are required in the post for acceptance to asking them if they have any other topic in mind on which you can write.
  • Revise It Accordingly Once you have received feedback from the editor of the guest blogging platform's editor, it is time to revise the pitch accordingly. Not only does it shows your interest in getting your post published on their site but also ensures your post is ready for the platform. You can also start by reading other articles and blogs posted earlier on the platform to ensure your pitch matches its level of information, style, and other things.
  • Review Guidelines Again No feedback received from the editor? Review the guest posting guidelines once again. There are high chances you might not have followed the guidelines properly. While reviewing the guidelines, it is important to ensure that the format in which the article is sent, the amount of content they want (whether only pointers or the full content), the types of links, etc., are followed. Even a single mistake in following the guidelines may lead to rejection. So, review guidelines again and revise the content and pitch it back.
  • Pitch A New Post There are chances your timing might be off for the topic that you have pitched. If you have received a feedback that even slightly hints that they like your writing but are unsure about the topic, a great thing to do is to pitch them another post. While sending this, ensure that it is based on some latest trending topic and is not a usual topic. In addition to that, make sure it is abiding by the guest posting guidelines.
  • Send Pitch To Another Editor This works in case you haven't received any feedback or rejection mail from the platform for a long time. You can find the email address of another editor working for that publishing platform and pitch your article content to him/her. A new person's take on the article might increase your chances of getting published.
  • Pitch To Another Platform Last but not the least, if everything else doesn't work the last option to resort to, is to pitch the content to another platform. The content should not be left to go to waste. If one platform is not accepting it, you can always pitch it to some other platform with the same interests. Just a little customization as per the guidelines and your next guest post pitch would be ready.

Guest blogging is certainly one of the most effective ways to build inbound links and get link juices flowing to your website while also building a stronger reader base. But many publishers create a stash of unpublished guest blogs because of the rejections received after pitching guest posts. If you are also one of them, knowing the reason behind the rejection is not enough. You can do a lot even after receiving rejection on a guest post pitch and highlighted above were some of the most effective things.

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