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5 Simple Tricks To Boost Your Brand Awareness Online

Digital Marketing | Admin | Updated: 2019-02-22

5 Simple Tricks To Boost Your Brand Awareness Online

Many brands out there like Coca Cola, Vaseline, Band-Aid, Jacuzzi, Ping Pong, etc., have become so popular, they've actually replaced the generic product name and become proprietary eponyms. Not many people are aware that these are merely brands selling a particular product but their popularity has surpassed all bounds and people now identify the generic product with these brands. This is the pinnacle of brand awareness that most brands eye at while choosing online reputation management services or brand building services. While getting to the top is not an overnight thing, the five simple tricks discussed below can help you boost your brand awareness in a short time. Incorporate them into your marketing strategies now to build your brand and reach out to more people online.

Rise With Micro Influencers

With influencer marketing taking the center stage for brand awareness, micro influencers are becoming the go-to stop for brands to promote and endorse their products/services without spending a fortune. Although micro influencers may have only a fraction of the following that top influencers or celebrities have, their followers are more focused and driven towards the ideas they propagate. Their audience is highly engaged and believes that the products they endorse are not just for the commercial value like the influencers. Whether you are a smaller brand that wants more visibility among audience or are a big name in the industry that just wants to target a specific niche audience as a new campaign, micro influencers can help you rise.

Attract Customer Interest With Videos

Videos are not just a passing trend that will fade away with time, they are here to stay and keep the users engaged for a long haul. Whether we talk about live videos, product information videos, tutorial videos, social media video stories, or any other form of video content, today's audience is showing more inclination towards video content. Your brand can convey a lot more information and content while consuming very less of their time through videos. The growing interest of users in videos is clear from the fact that YouTube is the second most popular social media sites today. With other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram also giving the highest attention to the sharing of video content, you can take your brand awareness to the next level with interactive videos. These could be behind the scene, live videos of launch etc., tutorials, company tour etc.

Advocate Brand With Loyal Referrals

Instead of investing huge sums in trying to convert new audience, you can offer small perks to your existing customers and they can spread the word about your brand to their contacts.So, why waste tons of money in advertising when you can get higher reach to newer segment through your own existing customers. You can transform any customer into a loyal referral of your brand by offering them little something. It could be anything that could entice your existing customers to share your product with their friends or families. Majority of people believe in any advertising or promotion coming from someone they personally know that blindly trusting an ad seen on some random channel.

Impress On Authority Pages With Guest Content

One of the effective ways to build brand awareness online is by posting high-quality content on various authority sites. To build your name in front of your niche audience, posting impressive content as a guest can help you not just get link juices but also build your name among them. To leave your mark on the audience on another platform, it is imperative to write really impressive content rich with stats, numbers, and information. You can also get your infographics, video content, photographs, etc., posted on high authority sites to create value and impress a new segment of audience following the page.

Repurpose The Good Old Content

Repurposed content is making its way back in the digital marketing ecosystem and how. Right from using the high-performing content once again for engaging audience to creating the same strategies for targeting new segment, repurposing marketing strategies can be a great tool to build your brand awareness without investing too many efforts into planning new campaigns. By analyzing the buyer persona and identifying their stage in the buying journey can be helpful in segmenting the content and repurposing it for brand awareness. Whether you are repurposing your old blog posts or video contents, you can use content repurposing for awareness as well as conversion campaigns.

Whether you are a new brand trying to build your name in the market or an established name with thousands of followers, boosting brand awareness is something every brand aspires for. If you are also aspiring for boosting your brand awareness and online presence, the aforementioned tips can come in handy. Internet is a great tool for brand building and you can easily incorporate these simple tips into your marketing or reputation management strategy to put your brand out there and increase its reach.

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