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5 Effective Ways To Strongly Connect With Your Buyers

Digital Marketing | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2019-04-12

5 Effective Ways To Strongly Connect With Your Buyers

Gone are the days when companies would institute its representatives to public groups to convey their message and get people connected with them. Today, the buyers have grown smarter than ever while their reliance on sales reps and company advocates has minimized. They no longer ask for the advice of a company's representative, rather they turn to the internet and perform an in-depth research by themselves. They trust the words of their friends or known ones more than they trust someone who is paid to advertise their products. Moreover, their connection is stronger with social media than it is with other channels of marketing. And if you are trying to connect with the buyers of today, these things need to be kept into close consideration. In order to build strong connections with the buyers, companies need to employ advanced and innovative ways. In this write-up, we have discussed some effective ways to help a company in building a strong connection with its buyers.

Track Online Presence & Connect There

An online review strategy is important to keep a track of what people are talking about your business online. Brands need to know what people on the internet are thinking about them and what is being talked about. This would help in starting a conversation with them and make them believe that you are always there for them. There are several review sites that should be constantly put under the surveillance of the reputation manager. Apart from that, there are several other platforms like Amazon, TripAdvisor for online business, and Yelp, Google Reviews, etc., for local businesses where people love to share their opinions about the brand. Seeing what the customers are talking about your company there can help you solve their problems, acknowledge their appreciation, and even offer some pretty discounts to entice them further.

Have A Kingpin For Online Involvement

Many brands tend to believe that anyone would respond to the mentions or comments made by the customers online and this could easily be equated to no one responding to anything. To ensure there is a direct interaction with the customers made online as soon as there is any mention made. There needs to be a kingpin or even a team if the brand has a more widely-spread online presence to handle all the interactions to the customers. One can also hire an online reputation management company to take care of all these requirements. It is important for a brand to engage with the customer by responding to each and every comment made.

Convey Message Through Reputed Micro Influencers

Whether there are many ways to build and manage a businesss online reputation, building connection with the buyers is not a cakewalk. But one of the most effective ways to connect with the buyers is by getting your brand promoted through the influencers present in the digital ecosystem. Today, the micro influencers have greater influencers for swaying people with their endorsements. In order to have a strong connection with their followers, one can get them to use their products and share its feedback or experience on social media platforms. When you connect with reputed influencers in your industry, it not just helps in expanding your reach and customer base but also enables you to gain credibility among the users. They start trusting your brand more.

Show Your Products/Services As A Solution

To create a strong connection with the buyers, it is important for any brand to understand the problem that their buyers are facing and offer their products in light of their perfect solution. This is one of the starting phases of the sales funnel as well. This might alienate a small margin of your buyer base but the ones it would be targeting would definitely feel a strong connection with this. A solution-based product or service gets more and instant attention of the buyers as it offers them an intimate reason for buying your product.

Ask For Reviews By Offering Rewards

One of the most basic tricks to connect with the buyers is by asking them to write a review about your brand or post a testimonial. Asking clients to leave feedback about their experience with your product or service is something that many business owners shy from. However, proactively asking for these reviews promises user-generated content that makes the customers connect with your brand. If generally asking for reviews is something you're not sure of, offer some kind of reward for each review, testimonial, or feedback. This would not just boost your online reputation but also compel the client to come back for more such reviews.

While tracking online presence, appointing a kingpin for responses, micro influencers, solution-based products, and reviews are the main modes, another super powerful tool to connect with the buyers is social media. This platform allows the brands to connect with the buyers on a personal level and interact with them one-to-one. By making good use of the above-mentioned ways, a company can easily build strong connections with its buyers and increase its loyal customer base as well.

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