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5 Effective Email Tricks For Conversion Rate Optimization

Email Marketing | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2019-04-30

5 Effective Email Tricks For Conversion Rate Optimization

Increasing the conversions and getting more people to show interest in your products/services is best done by email marketing campaigns. And effective email marketing campaign cannot just turn the email audience into customers but also increase the revenue of the company by huge margins. But how do companies ensure increased conversions through email campaigns? While some take conversion rate optimization services to boost the effectiveness of their email campaigns, there are others who perform simple tweaks like changing the sender name in their existing campaigns to boost conversions. Here are the 5 effective email tricks for conversion rate optimization.

Choose The From Line Wisely

When sending an email, the From line in the mail plays a crucial role in determining the chances of getting opened. While many believe that adding a personal touch in the From field can increase the conversion instead of the regular company's name, there are others who believe that keeping it professional with the company name would build a brand as well. However, one can adopt a mixed approach in the From field and add the name of a particular employee from the company along with the company name. Apart from that, this name in the field should also depend on the type of email being sent. For example, a promotional email would build more trust when sent by the company's name while a reply to a certain email or email sent for customer support etc., would be opened quickly if the sender in an individual. In order to convert, make sure your From field is filled in after close consideration.

Target With The Subject Line

The next thing any receiver sees when he/she receives an email is the subject line. This part of the email is a big factor in determining whether the receiver opens the email or if it simply goes into his/her spam folder. It plays the same role as a book's title or cover page plays to the book being sold. A powerful subject line is what's needed to get more opens and eventually more clicks to the email. A short yet descriptive subject line is the best conversion tool. But one thing to be kept in mind is to deliver what is promised in the subject line. Adding an element of urgency, relevancy, or the fear of missing out could be used in creating an effective subject line that converts. In addition to that, a subject line that has been personalized to meet the requirements of each and every subscriber also has more chances of being opened.

Add A Captivating Call To Action

Once the main challenge of getting the email opened is completed, the next step is to add a captivating call-to-action in the mail content to get more clicks. Adding keywords like Sign Up or Subscribe or Submit as a call to action on the mail have been worn out and no more appeal the receivers. Instead, go for more powerful CTAs that create a sense of urgency or fulfill the certain purpose for their benefit. The CTA should be clearly visible in the mail and stand out from the content. It should also be in direct reach of the thumb. One can also search for the most effective keywords for such campaigns and incorporate them in the calls to action buttons.

Mobile-Optimized E-Mails Should Be The Goal

With more than 61.9% of the email campaigns being opened on mobile devices in 2019, the need to optimize each email for smartphones is growing stronger. Not just that, the mobile email users have exceeded the 2.2 billion mark by the end of 2018. There are many ways to optimize the mobile marketing campaigns for the mobile users. There are a number of mobile-ready templates that one can use for creating their emails. Another thing to keep in mind is to shorten the subject line to be completely readable on mobile devices. Try to wrap the subject line in 30 characters to ensure it is not cut off at the middle, leaving your receiver confused. And not just that, in order to convert the targeted visitors, it is imperative to optimize the landing pages for mobile devices that are linked on the email. This way, the person would have a more smooth transition with nothing interrupting their conversion.

Leverage Segmenting & Automation

While there are a number of email marketing stats to shape the strategy in 2019, one of the most important stats was published by HubSpot, which stated that the marketers who incorporate email marketing segmentation in their campaigns, experienced an increase of 760% in their revenue. Segmenting and automating the email marketing campaign would ensure that each email is triggered by the behavior or action of the subscriber. It would be personalized to offer the required response to the actions or queries raised by the users.The email campaign performance can be improved by several notches by implementing automation of emails after segmenting the subscribers based on their behavior, activity, preferences, etc.

Once all of this is done, it is very important to A/B test everything. This is one of the most crucial steps to make sure that your efforts at email marketing are paying off. Test two different alternatives at a smaller section of the audience. The method that attracts more conversions could be used for your email marketing campaign to boost the conversion rate.

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