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20 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization | Poonam | Updated: 2015-07-17

20 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Be it during the Arab Spring or the 2014 General Elections or the relaunch of an old brand with 'Once upon a Vespa' social media has exhibited its power in so many ways. It has promoted philosophies, political parties as well as products.

While most entrepreneurs today believe in this power, some still crib about Social Media Marketing being a poor excuse for a strategy. The latter ones belong to a group whose campaigns could not bring results, but this by no means implies that social media was at fault. The reach of platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter stretches to all corners of the world and touches people in a highly personalized manner. If your campaign is not translating into substantial gains, its time to revisit your strategy and improve your Social Media Marketing. Here are 20 ways to do that.

  • The Right Platform

In India, the use of Twitter is still limited to a niche audience, whereas the masses use Facebook. So tap the potential of whichever platform your target audience uses more or make a plan including a mix of such avenues.

  • Interact

Social media campaigns are about being social. Your promotional tasks on Facebook or Twitter should be more than just advertisements. Have a special team to actively participate in conversations, ask questions and also reply to others queries.

  • Dont be too Corporate

Many companies have an extremely formal tone throughout their presence on social media. This restricts the audience from connecting on a personal level and makes everything seem boring. Grasp their nerve and talk in the ways they are comfortable in.

  • A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

So, all your posts on social media should be accompanied by visual elements, wherever possible. Remember how the story books with images were more enjoyable to read? The same concept is applicable here.

  • Keep Showing Up

Regularity is a crucial thing on social media, and you can ensure that by scheduling your posts. Also, keep a check on your updates and stay in on important conversations. Tools like Hootsuite and Buffer can be of help for this.

  • Insight into Facebook Insights

Understand how people engage with your Facebook page and use this knowledge to give them more of what they like.

  • Call to Action is a Must

Whether you want your audience to share a post, retweet it or take any other action over it, clearly ask them to do so using a 'Call to Action' button.

  • Build Relations with your Most Loyal Fans

Identify people who regularly share or like your posts and make efforts to connect with them. Their word of mouth can help a lot in popularizing your brand.

  • Use Hashtags Widely but Wisely

Hashtags are a great tool to draw more people to your profile and your website, so use them in whichever post possible. But dont overdo it as that would be forceful on the audience and end up annoying them.

  • Video Uploading

Make use of Facebooks built-in video uploader instead of YouTube links as the former doesnt require you to hop from one site to the other and also buffers quickly.

  • Variety in Content

You dont always have to include detailed paragraphs in your posts, nor should you post be only one-liners. Depending on what suits your content and what the audience prefers you can go with different forms of writing.

  • Dont Brag Too Much

Often social media campaigns go wrong when they try to promote the brand too much. This marketing channel is one where the use of 'public relation strategies' works better than 'advertisements'. So focus on building trust rather than building a brand.

  • Add Value

Users come to a page or website looking for the things of their interest, things that can benefit them in some way or the other. Make sure your posts are addressing their needs. Even if you are sharing someone elses content, add some of your own insights to enhance its value.

  • Outsource

A Social Marketing Agency can be of great help in drafting as well as implementing your marketing strategies. But, since it would interact on your behalf, make sure it has a voice similar to yours.

  • Not all Platforms are the Same:

Different platforms have different features. Also, their users behave in a different manner. So, your social media marketing has to be customized accordingly.

  • Uniformity

To build a brand, you will need to stick with particular styles and symbols for ensuring uniformity throughout your marketing activities. Only then would people be able to associate with you more.

  • Profile Pictures

Profile pictures are the window to your business profile. Ensure that you have put up a picture representing your company instead of some group selfie.

  • Grow Your Subscriber Base

Having a strong subscriber base is an indicator of high conversion rates. With the use of social media tools, you can get people to sign up and built this asset.

  • Keep a Track

You have tools like Social Mention at your disposal, so why not use them to find out what people are saying about your brand?

  • Stick with your Plan but Not Blindly

It is always feasible to go in an organized manner, the way you had planned in the beginning. However, the world of social media is dynamic, and some changes might be required in the due course. Never hesitate to question the status quo and adapt as situations come forth.

Hopefully, these tips would have helped you identify the loopholes in your current social media marketing plan. Now, rather than sacking it as an ineffective tool, you should focus on making the best use of this marketing gizmo.

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