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12 Superb Marketing Tools for Every Small Business

Business & Marketing | Ankit Gupta | Updated: 2020-06-29

12 Superb Marketing Tools for Every Small Business

Approximately, 17 new startups and small-scale businesses enter the Indian markets every day. To be honest, it is definitely a path full of thorns for small-scale businesses when it comes to sustaining in a huge market like India. With the absence of professional marketplace solutions, no business can flourish. Even pre-established organizations cannot survive without a channelized marketing. Without marketing, revenue cannot be generated for an organization.

There are several marketplace solutions for all, however, they're expensive for small-scale businesses. Although medium to large-scale businesses can turn to expensive tools at the drop of the hat, small-scale businesses find it like belling a cat. That's a major reason why small-scale businesses in India fail to wing their way up in their specific domain.

But every problem has a solution. The lack of funds doesn't mean say no to marketing. Small businesses can still get rid of FOMO and reach an anonymous audience easily. All they need is professional marketplace solutions from marketing firms. There are several marketing tools that help a business to optimize its stratagem and compete in the domain safely. Below lies a list of the top marketing tools for a small business for locking horns with the industry's biggies.

  • KISSmetrics

KISSmetrics is the best tool for SaaS-based businesses. It is a flawless apprentice that keeps the track record of website visitors like tracking their journey to the website. Just tracking the journey of traffic to the website, provides complete data to help in converting prospects into customers. 40% of small-scale businesses prefer KISSmetrics for monitoring their marketing strategy.

  • CrazyEgg

Every small-scale business loves to know everything that has been happening on the website. It collects all reports and tells everything that a visitor does on the website. Right from scrolling & clicking to navigating & leaving, this tool prepares a report accordingly. Based on the report, it helps in optimizing the website to keep all visitors engaged. During the user engagement/activity, this tool assesses the time spent on the website and rolls out the right report for marketing.

  • GoodData

Whatever is the business, GoodData is compatible with all. Based on the type of business, it brings out the best options that benefit the marketing strategy instead of relying on limited sources. Using this tool, you can get the best insights that suit the business to upscale it.

  • Yoast

Since the last decade, things have evolved tremendously. Even for small-scale businesses, having a business website became essential. Hence, for optimizing content for search engines, Yoast is the best online marketing tool. With this tool, you can effortlessly bag the effective SEO strategies and links that act as an apprentice in boosting the rankings of the website.

  • WordPress

WordPress doesn't require any formal introduction. It is the easiest CMS preferred by many business owners worldwide. As per a report, most small-scale businesses also need a small heap of content when content marketing is the prime brick.

  • Email On Acid

Marketing can be a tussle for some small-scale business owners. This tool helps in automating marketing campaigns. But if you want to code special mails, it becomes essential to get them checked by old hands. Email On Acid is a tool that assists in testing emails on renowned email clients and applications before hitting the SEND button. After all, the mail should look amazing in those inboxes.

  • Buffer

Small scale businesses are active on social media as well. This isn't something new, but usually essential. The lack of social media accounts drags down the revenue and popularity of the brand. To keep this issue at bay, use Buffer. It aids in scheduling all social media posts in the library that eliminates the manual effort of posting individually on different platforms.

  • Stencil

Without attractive visuals, there's no point in being a traffic magnet. Effective marketing rules include sharing visuals that appeal to the visitor. Stencil is such an effective social media marketing tool for small-scale businesses. With a wide assortment of HD imagery, it can boost the social media credibility of a brand. Besides, you can create and upload your own fonts as well!

  • Google Trends

When Google's got your back, worrying fades away. Although small-scale businesses can't compete from day one, they can keep an eye on their competitors from day one. Online business is about adopting the frequently changing trends in the business stimulus. When you get used to it, growth becomes your cup of tea! By using Google Trends, one can get deeper insights about what terms are popular that bring users to their website. With this, the marketing campaign can be refined for better results.

  • SpyFu

Alright, here's another marketing tool for a baby business in the domain. There are some competitors whom you idolize. Hence, following their trail of success isn't a bad idea and SpyFu can help you get the work done easily. This little detective espionage your competitor aka idol. Using this tool, you can easily track out every keyword & Adword used in their organic rank on different platforms, website domain authority, and multiple variations in the last decade. Marv indeed!

  • Pendo

Gathering and assessing user behavior always remains prominent for every small-scale business. Without this practice, success gets delayed. Avoid the delay by using Pendo. This tool collects the data of user onsite behavior and feedback for improving the marketing of a specific product on a webpage.

  • ClearVoice

If you need content for the website but lack the budget for hiring a full-time writer, don't sulk. There's a solution to this hassle as well. ClearVoice is a well-known marketing tool for content writing. When you're all set for a marketing campaign, basically blogging and drafting articles, you can approach freelance writers available at ClearVoice to get the work done.

There are umpteen marketing tools for every kind of small business. Some are for free, whereas, some require an annual subscription. Using marketing tools, you not only channelize the marketing strategy for the business but make success meet you at the drop of the hat. All you need to do is assess the nature of business and choose the pack of marketing tools that'll inject success in the near future.

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