Your website copy could be letting you down!

As internet is considered to be the most effective medium of business promotion it has almost become a mandatory thing to have your company’s website online. A website carries your business details, your achievements, your product range and the contact details. If a website is suitably made then it can ensure the constant flow of visitors that can in turn transform into clients. Any flaw or wrong details on your website can pose a threat to the authenticity and credibility of your business. You must be thinking what are the mistakes that could hamper your site? people believe if the graphics are correct the website is perfect but this is an absolutely wrong notion. A website copy is a conglomeration of graphics and content so the content of the website should be duly checked.


We provide you some common mistakes that shall be avoided by the web designers before uploading a site on the web space.


Avoid Inconsistency : Consistency should be duly maintained, inconsistency in the content like using a same word with two different spelling should be avoided. This may result in dissuading the potential customers from availing your services as they might think that the company is not serious about their promotion.


Avoid spelling errors : If a visitor encounters a lot of spelling errors in the content he might lose interest and leave the website. Spelling mistakes gives a poor impression to the visitors and force them to believe that the owners do not care about the site.


Avoid grammatical errors : Beside spell errors special attention shall be laid on checking the correct usage of grammar and punctuations. Any mistake in the content might serve as a failure for a website.


Avoid adding irrelevant information :  The visitor that has come to your site is there with a purpose. Providing him/her with information that has no relation with your company or product range might turn him/her off. So, ensure that your content is to the point and informative.


Note:-  Do not let the web design companies publish their advertisement on your site as it lessens the impact of your site.

If these mistakes are not avoided your web presence will not help in the company’s growth. In such cases even the flashy graphics fail to create an impact. So, spend some time as well as money to get your content proofread before it is uploaded on the Internet.


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