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WordPress Website Complexity & How It Impacts the SEO?

Search Engine Optimization | Ankit Gupta | Updated: 2020-10-29

WordPress Website Complexity & How It Impacts the SEO?

Consider yourself very easy-going, but didn't make SEO friends? That's all right, as he isn't a guy's very stable. Google search algorithms are continually evolving and it is often difficult to keep pace with classifications.

SEO Explanation

SEO Optimization or SEO is a series of actions aimed at maximizing the popularity of your website on the search results page. The more traffic you get on this page list. In principle, SEO is what you are doing to build a Google-compatible website to test your project more effectively. Professional Website Development always helps you out with SEO requirements.
Search bots not only pay attention to the content. You look at several things that can escape your eyes when reviewing your website, page by page.

Below Are The Important Warning Signs Which Signify That Your WordPress Website Is Not SEO Friendly:

  • Loading Time:
  • Have you ever seen a place that had a pace of tortoise? There is just one annoyance in the center of the white display that reveals you have to wait a little longer with a nasty little punchy. Statistics suggest most users quit the website when it is loaded for longer than 3 seconds. Imagine just one more second of loading and how much traffic you can lose.
  • For such situations, there is a solution or a plugin that is easier to say. WP Smush is the highest quality picture enhancement plug-ins without a doubt. It can resize, compress, and delete all hidden image data that is not necessary. Without compromising on image quality Smush is capable of handling JPEG, PNG, or GIF formats. It optimizes every picture of any plugin or theme on your website.
  • Responsive Design:

Now that it's the smartphone age, People use them first and foremost for internet browsing. Instead of desktops, more than half the web users start searching by phone since it is quick and time-saving. But now, try to get someone in their shoes: open your phone for a non-mobile website and how many seconds you are able to spend where each piece is ridiculous. Nobody needs to get there, that is indeed right.

  • URL Structure:

The URL of each page would usually represent what it is. It should have relevant information on its content so that a search bot can interpret the specifics correctly, not just the reader. Google Crawler "read" these links just like you and I read titles of articles assessing whether or not it is worth searching further. For all your tourists this task can be made simpler by simply ensuring that the relevant keywords are displayed first in the URL. And also, the name of the link matches the description of the page.

  • Keywords Stuffing:

The keywords are the main sources of evidence, ideas condensed in phrases/words, which give you general information on your content. The number and quality of keywords you use are relevant for Google and other search engines. This is one of the reasons that crawlers "learn" about your website developed by a WordPress Website Development Company. Approximately a decade ago, when the very SEO foundations were created, keywords were used to make the Web environment more accessible.

  • Meta Descriptions:

Meta Descriptions were your submissions' little samples, their synopses shown on the result pages by search engines. You provide users with general tips on the content of your web project. Although they do not directly affect the SEO ranking, they definitely do this indirectly by clicking. The more people continue searching your site after reading the fragment, the more relevant you become for Google.

  • Title Tags:

Are you listening to the title tags? Hot news: better include them asap in your SEO plan! Title Tags are the blue headlines for your entries, which will be seen during your googling process on the result pages. They do provide basic information about what you specialize in, like the reference list. The title of your post should be comparatively brief and correspond, for example, with the main concept, whether it is the landing page, with embedded keywords.

  • Duplicate Content:

Ok, duplicate material is another misconception you probably don't want when Google comes up with. The truth is that search engines get confused when attempting to analyze certain parts of the content that have significant consequences for your SEO rating. You can't say which one is more important and which findings should be included.

Final Words

In view of all the above-mentioned signs, I believe you will increase your SEO score several times. Many were lacking during the development of a web project, some of these tend to be both unimportant for seasoned users and web novices. With these tips in mind, you can create far stronger SEO strategies and conquer Google's heart finally. CMS Web Development Services would help you greatly with this.

2 thoughts on "WordPress Website Complexity & How It Impacts the SEO?"

  • nisha
    03 August, 2021 at 3:41 pm

    Great post & thanks for sharing. Search Engine Optimization is key in getting more visitors to your WordPress website.


  • Rajeev Dave
    06 January, 2021 at 1:03 pm

    Hey, Really awesome tips you share for wordpress users mainly for SEO prospective, I really apricate your affords. Thanks for Sharing great information


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