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Why Your Business Needs Web-Based Application

App Development | Admin | Updated: 2014-05-26

Why Your Business Needs Web-Based Application

Steve Jobs once said, Invention is not about creating complex things, its about making complex things simpler. Since its inception, the World Wide Web has evolved rapidly. With its every growing user-base, this medium of inexpensive communication has allowed several businesses to prosper. Today, the internet provides a way for marketers to learn more about people's needs, requirements, etc. and offers new channels for effective communication. One way by which businesses can bridge this gap of effective communication is through the use of web applications.

Web Application Defined

From a technical point of view, web is a highly programmable environment that allows users to customize diverse range of applications to a large number of global users worldwide. The two important component of a website is its flexibility with different web browsers and different web application. A web application can be as simple as a message board to a dynamic guest book or to complex application such as word or spreadsheet.

Benefits Of Web-Based Application

  • Convenience: Web Based Application is extremely easy to use. It can be accessed 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. With entire database available at all time, users can make use of computer or mobile devices to access them.
  • Does Not Need Additional Maintenance Or Installation: When compared to desktop applications, web-based applications do not need to be installed separately, as they run on a remote web server. This helps in keeping saving time and trouble of installing software. Additionally, since it uses a web server, the problem of maintenance or troubleshooting hardly arises.
  • Cost: When compared to desktop applications, web based application is extremely cost effective. It does not hold any space on the computer, as the software run on the web server.
  • Can Be Used On Multiple Platforms: One of the most important benefits of web-applications is that they work on different platforms. Most of the web applications work on different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Google Chrome, etc. In addition to this, they are generally compatible with most operating systems.
  • No Need For Software Updation: Finally, another important benefit of Web Based Application is that, unlike desktop application, a user does not need to worry much if the application is up-to-date.

Google Apps, Microsoft Live, Web office are some example of web applications. By learning the advantage of web application, it can be concluded that this piece of nifty application offers a gateway to users to interact with the marketers. Request a Free Quote

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