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Why You Need Catchy Blog Titles- Explained by Fiend!

Tips & Tutorial | Poonam | Updated: 2021-07-28

Why You Need Catchy Blog Titles- Explained by Fiend!
Hey! Im Fiend, the guy people are afraid of. Ill spook you out later, but Im here to help you for a reason. Howd you draw visitors to read your content? Thats indeed dodging a bullet because:
  • There are people having better content than yours
  • There are people having better content than those having better content from yours
As per industry experts, content tends to lose its charm when the crown is lethargic. All efforts, research work, ideas, quotes, and blah blah goes in vain when your hard work doesnt pay- Disheartening. What to do then? How to divert the traffic on your end?
Theres no rocket science behind it and neither need you to summon me or my demons. When we say content is king, it means the title of the write-up is crown. Every king looks incomplete without his crown. You just need to acquire professional website content writing services.
Here are some tips, explained by the fiend himself that will help you to craft catchy titles for write-ups.

Title Rationality

Blog titles are an inextricable part of the write-up. Every reader bats an eye on the crown before proceeding to the body. Even if they share, it is the title that will appear first, so, one should be rational while creating blog titles. This is how I, uh, I mean experts prefer crafting the right title for a blog:
  • Famous Comparison : Such headlines lend the fame of a well-known face for popularizing the write-up. For example- 10 Style Tips You Can Learn From Hrithik Roshan.
  • How To Do : If someone searching to know or understand something, blogs with such titles can fix their problem. But, you must be considerate of feeding information as per the How To Do format. For example- How To Achieve a Monstrous Back During Lockdown?
  • Big Promise : A write-up with a promising headline assures the provision of adequate details. Just like the above stated, make sure to provide the right information. For example- The Ultimate Guide To Reduce Acne Permanently.

Including a Keyword

  • Keywords instill life by making the content immune from keyword deficiency. Thats the key reason companies acquire content writing services that shield the lacunae and voice the brand rightly. Sometimes, it is not the content but ranking that matters. This can be explained practically:
  • After running a website dedicatedly for 3 years, there comes a time when a backlink can manage everything. At that time, keywords play a pivotal role. You simply require choosing the ad word suggested by Google and integrate it into the content. Rest, the user will be taken to the desired webpage. Thats the power of the right keyword. However, make sure that the title should make sense instead of sounding awkward.


Another imperative point is to practice writing blog titles. Mostly, many writers end up creating a title that doesnt compliment the content. I dont want you to commit the sin and get boiled in the cauldron. You must be cautious while giving the title so that it serves the purpose. An aimless blog title will fetch lesser views. The adjective+number formula is a widely preferred formula for conceiving a catchy blog title. For example: 10 Exotic Holiday Destinations You Must Visit Before You Die!

Title Clickbaiting Is a Crime!

Ive done special arrangements for content writing clickbait. You must have seen ridiculous YouTube thumbnails that underdeliver the promise. I only support those whose sole purpose is to earn money through clicks! If yours is not the goal, dont blow my fuse. You just need to ensure what youre conveying to readers. Carve the right title based on the quality of information, facts, and statistics. After all, this is a rare piece of advice from the fiend, but you must stay true to your customers/subscribers.
Fiendish Advice
Although you must stay away from the fiend and his advice, I would suggest that creating a compelling blog title is an art. You can master the art by following the formulas I listed above & practicing them whole-heartedly. Nothing in the world is hard, except hard work. Follow my fiendish advice for better blog titles.

2 thoughts on "Why You Need Catchy Blog Titles- Explained by Fiend!"

  • Nextbrain Technologies
    29 September, 2021 at 10:52 am

    Nice information share! thanks for sharing. blog title is inextricable part of writing.


  • duttrai123
    21 September, 2021 at 1:00 pm

    Hi ! This is very informative & interesting article. Nice to read your blog post first time ever. thanks for sharing the useful point about Blog Titles.


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