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Why Learning Computer Programming Is Important For Kids

Business & Marketing | Admin | Last Updated: 2013-12-05

Why Learning Computer Programming Is Important For Kids

There is hardly a need to elaborate on the vital role that computers play in our lives today. With the computers being present everywhere, global connectivity is no more just a figment of imagination. Having such significance it is no wonder that the society puts a lot of stress on computer literacy. Nowadays, learning computers has been made a mandatory part of primary education in India. Well, since the topic of discussion here is specifically Computer Programming, lets move on to it.

Computer Programming Basics Programming is the focal point of computing &, if done correctly, can go a long way in helping a programmer realize the full potential of a computer for achieving a variety of tasks. In layman terms, programming basically involves a set of rules. These rules can be applied in several innovative ways to achieve different objectives. If a user achieves expertise in programming, he/she can make use of the computer to achieve splendid results. For kids, there can be nothing better than learning programming; they can have fun with words, or create wonderful graphics, or play with numbers.

Why Kids Need To Learn Computer Programming?

  • Stresses On The Need For Accurate Expression If you are yet to understand the vital role played by programming in computing, here is an apt comparison that will make it easier to understand. Programming is as important for computing as spelling is for writing. While learning programming, kids learns the importance of the smallest things like punctuation marks, semi-colon, upper & lower case, spaces and others. All these are vital to programming & ignoring something as minute as a SPACE can make the program ineffectual.There is a general misconception that because programming involves a lot of rules it curbs a kids imagination. But this is not so, the challenge in programming lies in applying the rules in such a creative manner that you get the results you want.
  • Gives Kids An Understanding About Algorithms In programming, Algorithms refers to a group of commands which need to be followed properly to achieve a specific result. Kids who learn programming come to value rules & understand how these are important for achieving a desired outcome.
  • Sharpens Their Analytical Skills When learning programming, kids get a firsthand experience of how to make use of a set of rules in order to achieve the needed outcome. They also come to understand the significance of a complex defined system & how it all works. Here they analyze the different actions that are leading to the outcome & the relationship that exists between each.

With such benefits, it is no wonder that parents today are eager to enrol their kids into computer programming classes.
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