What Is RSS And Best RSS Feed Readers?

what-is-rss-and-best-rss-feed-readersMade to deal with the growing need of web surfers to stay in touch with their favorite websites and updates on an ongoing basis, RSS or Really Simple Syndication is one element that has really caught on. Working together with XML Codes, this checks for the information updates on different websites or blogs and broadcasts them to all the website subscribers by means of a ‘Feed’. This blog introduces the concept of RSS Feeds and RSS Readers, their types, subscription and benefits.


Subscribing To An RSS Feed
Users just have to click on the RSS Feed Icon to open a new page in the browser and then copy this feed URL in the browser window. Then, the URL must be pasted in the preferred RSS feed aggregator. But first you need to find the RSS Feeds on the internet and you can do this by the following ways:


  • Search for sites through Google focused searching or Feedfinder. If you try to add content to the personalized page, then the focused searched options become available.
  • Many blogs have the RSS Feed or XML icons displayed next to the posts, click on them to subscribe.
  • Visit RSS Feeds directories like Syndic8 and 2RSS that have categorized feeds.
  • You can also subscribe to RSS feeds from news websites to receive latest updates

RSS Feeds have thus emerged as a very beneficial element that can engage viewers for a long time and instantly update them on the new posts and information as soon as these are published on the web. Some other benefits include:


  • RSS reader organizes the feeds very smartly so that these are not dumped in the inbox.
  • There’s no need to unsubscribe to stop the feeds, only the feed can be removed from reader.
  • The feeds display the information in a condensed format that is easy to view and takes less time.
  • RSS Feeds are also available on other devices such as PDAs and Mobile phones.
  • There’s no danger of spamming or phishing.

RSS Readers: These are used for reading the feeds and are downloadable or online programs that are used to check, interpret and display. Some types include:

  • Windows RSS Feed Readers and News Aggregators: NewzCrawler, FeedDemon, Omea Reader
  • Mac RSS News Feed Readers / News Aggregators: Shrook, PulpFiction, NetNewsWire
  • Linux RSS Feed Readers / Aggregators: AmphetaDesk, BlogBridge, Liferea
  • Web-Based News Aggregators: Google Homepage, My Yahoo, Netvibes

Thus, RSS has made it very simple for people to browse their favorite information and this technology is set to gain more significance in the coming times.

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