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Understanding The Importance Of Whitespace In Web Design

Web Design | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2019-01-25

Understanding The Importance Of Whitespace In Web Design

Whitespace, often referred to as negative space or unused pixels in a web design, is not just the space on the web page that is left empty, unmarked, or blank. It is that place where most of the action takes place. In fact, it is the whitespace on your web design that navigates and compels the visitors to take the actions you want them to.

In simpler words, whitespace is that empty space between the text graphics, buttons, margins, images, gutters, and other elements of the page that soothes the tired, restless eyes. And contrary to its name and beliefs, whitespace need not necessarily be white. It can be any color that syncs with your brand image and creates an empty space devoid of any elemental filling.

It has taken years for web designers to truly accept and acknowledge whitespace as something much more powerful than simple empty space. But there still are many web designers and even more website owners who want to fill up this whitespace and kill the entire essence. Through this write-up, we are trying to uproot the belief that whitespace is simply an empty space and prove its power and importance.

The Power Of Whitespace

Many astute web designers and top web designing companies believe that whitespace is the most powerful element of web designing. It not just creates a balance in the entire design but lets the readers breathe. It works between pictures and words to create the perfect balance that holds the attention of the visitor. It calms the chaos on any web page and conveys the message straight and strong, cutting down all the clutter. Both micro and macro whitespace can be used to create a balance in the web design. While micro whitespace positively impacts the content legibility, it is the macro whitespace that steals away the attention and points it in a certain focal point. Using micro as well as macro whitespace in the perfect balance can enrich user experience while also creating branding, boosting legibility, and guiding the focus of the readers.

The Importance Of Whitespace In Web Design

The power of whitespace reflects its importance in web design. Irrespective of the type of website, whitespace is that element which has the power to set your website apart and retain the visitors there. Keep reading to know the importance of whitespace in web design.

  • Offer Breathing Space White space lets the readers breathe between the different design elements placed here and there on the website. It offers the visual breathing space that lets the eyes of the readers rest after focusing on all the important and informative elements. Even websites with the pixel-perfect design and layouts might tire and eventually puzzle or overwhelm the visitor if there isn't enough breathable space to digest and process all the information taken in.
  • Guide The User Another job that whitespace is endowed with is to guide the users towards the important sections of the web page. It can steer the reader to the places where you want them to be or where the CTAs are essentially placed. The negative space of any web design ensures that the master of the page, be it a product, service, or a call-to-action, to stand out from the rest of the clutter. It creates a priority in the minds of the visitor towards your desired element and guides their focus directly there. In this way, it also conveys your message loud and clear to the visitor. Even when designing a landing page, whitespace plays a key role in taking the user to the CTA on the page.
  • Define Character Of Design The character of design is what type of design tone or branding you want to be reflected from your page. The way micro and macro whitespace is used in a website determines what type of impression the designer wants the website to cast on the visitor. This would also reflect the kind of image the company wants to portray for its branding. Using a lot of macro whitespace can define your character as sophisticated and classy. On the other hand, excess usage of micro whitespace reflects the impression of a news or infotainment website. Too little whitespace in any web design could even show a very clumsy and messy designing which may cast you off as a site that cannot be trusted. In a nutshell, the way you use whitespace in your website reflects your website character.
  • Eliminate Any Cluttery Chaos The most important job done by whitespace is to eliminate all the clutter and chaos from the design. A clean and tidy site always impresses the online readers as it does not overwhelm them with information and lets their eyes rest. Contrarily, a cluttered website design is going to create chaos and confusion in the minds of readers. Balanced use of whitespace creates tidy websites and tidy websites win the trust of readers and retain them for a longer time.
  • Increase Comprehension As per the research report of Human Factors International, adding whitespace in a website design increases the comprehensive power of the reader by 20%. It boosts the readability of the site by making it more scannable and thus the information retaining capability of the visitor. By adding whitespace in a website design, the designers eliminate any and all the unnecessary distractions. Whether it is micro whitespace between paragraphs and gutters or macro whitespace between the words and images, the clear and tidy placement of each thing with enough space to breathe makes the content more legible as well.

On An Ending Note

Whitespace is not just the unused pixels, negative space, strange gap, or empty space on your web page. It is one of the most powerful elements in web designing that can easily make or break your impression on your visitors. Whether you are using micro whitespace to separate out the sentences or adding macro whitespace to create a more sophisticated and classy look, it is the whitespace that can set your web design apart from your competitors. So, hire a professional and acclaimed web design company that can understand your branding requirement and create an effect that is unmatched in the industry

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