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Two Major Changes That a Facebook User Should Know

Social Media Marketing | Admin | Updated: 2012-05-07

Two Major Changes That a Facebook User Should Know

Social media connects the world and to keep it fresh and going social networking websites often change its function and structure. On these platforms, every day there is something new, exciting and happening. Recently, a lot of changes along with newer options and features were noticed by Facebook Users, like timeline design, cover page. Here's what you require to be familiar with about these change to use it optimum, for your business.

  • The size of Profile Image which is displayed as identity of your profile i.e. Profile Image is remarkably smaller now. Previously images of 180X540 size was allowed to be display as profile image, whereas now only 180X180 size image can be used for profile image. With the changed layout of facebook profile page, now cover image has been central attraction, hence size of profile image is been reduced.
  • With Cover Image option, now a larger picture can be placed on profile page. Right at the top of profile page, you can place a bigger image (named as cover image) which is far more visible than the previous layout of photo strip. In previous layout, with photo strip only a handful of most recent images, added or tagged, were displayed. In new layout with the cover image now a more presentable and vibrant profile can be created, which catches the attention easily and stays longer in memory. This new layout is great for businesses as it expediently allows customization which helps in creating professional presentation for branding. But there are few basic things you should know before you create and publicize your cover image on Faceook.
    • As the cover image starches across the top of your profile page hence a bigger size image should be used for cover image, minimum 810X315. Smaller image would not be stretched appropriately and may hamper a clear and professional presentation.
    • There are certain content and information which cannot be displayed on cover image like Sell offers, prices, promotional sale offers, promotional content leading to actions, contact information, web address, email, mailing address etc. Additionally any references to user interface elements, Like or Share or features of Facebook are also unmentionable.

Basically Cover Image is launched to enhance look and feel of your profile page, try to make it creative and interesting, do not use it for marketing campaigns and advertisement. Ensure that cover image signifies your business theme and vision. There are few other changes that have been launched in structure, applications and functioning of Facebook. We will talk about those in upcoming posts.

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