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Top Web Design Trends For Small Business In 2010

Web Design | Admin | Updated: 2010-05-01

Top Web Design Trends For Small Business In 2010

These days, website has become a great marketing and branding tool for every business. For the perpetual growth of a business, it is necessary that it has good listing on search engines. Previous year, various web design trends came into being that became popular and grabbed the attention of small business for developing a website.

2010 will be the year of success for both website owners as well as the website visitors. The market power of the websites will be rediscovered and users will have extensive choice to gather information from the Internet. Sites will be endowed with the frequent updates and high ranking on search engines. Click paths, entry pages and bounce rates will become easy lingo for business purposes.
Following are the website designing for small business in 2010 that if used will make your online business grow at rapid pace.

  • Establish your business online in the year of web presence - In 2010 online presence has emerged as an essential component of small businesses. In today's highly competitive market use of technology like website, online marketing, ecommerce etc. has become imperative for achieving success in business.
  • Low cost to no cost ways for getting a website - With the emergence of enormous variety of web tools for small business, it has become easier to have web presence at no cost. Free tools available on the Internet can be used by a small business in the beginning for experiment purpose, which can later be transformed into customized hosted options. Having a website with your own domain is more reliable and brand friendly.
  • Flashy out; practical in This year will promote simplicity on the internet because there is already a plenty of information available for the users. Websites providing quick information with less flashy promotions will attract more traffic. The only exception for this is if you are engaged in the entertainment business.
  • Personalized experience - Prospects or customers visiting your website will expect a welcome note from you in 2010. Providing them your personalized experience based on their preferences will make them trust your business.

Are you credible?

Establishing credibility among the visitors and assuring security of the information they provide is increasingly becoming a crucial factor. These days, visitors often look for security seals, SSL certificates, secure forms etc. while visiting any personalized website. This becomes even more essential if you are indulged in online selling of products. Security of your website from hackers and malware is also important. For preventing any such situation keep your website software updated.

Increasing use of multimedia on websites

Videos and photo galleries will become an essential part of a website. Cheaper and convenient options are also available for small businesses for telling the stories behind their products and services. Uploading videos on video sites and embedding them with your website will give an added advantage to your business.
If we sum up the whole thing, the essence that comes out is that small businesses should prepare themselves for showcasing the personality of their business using various multimedia tools in 2010. Efforts invested in 2010 for exposure of your online business will definitely set a highway to get more traffic to your website. Without a doubt 2010 is the year of success for small business websites.

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