Top SEO Trends In 2011

top-seo-trends-in-2011Trends for search engine optimization are changing every year and this year is no different. Although some techniques are here to stay, SEOs must pay more importance to certain aspects in the year 2011. With the growing emphasis on the different marketing tactics such as mobile and local search marketing as well as social media networking, let’s take a look at what you should consider for achieving higher website rankings.

The Power Of Social Media
Networking matters, in a big way. It’s not just a matter of going out there, making a company visible and establishing contacts. It’s about nurturing the contacts and to turn the first-time clients into regulars. Search engine giants like Google and Bing have already admitted that they look out for the social signals so its time to pull up your socks and get serious about social media networking.


Give Something Different And Be Noticed
Updating website or blogs with industry related news is a good thing but you must avoid rehashing the same content every now and then. Keep an eye out for the upcoming trends and offer something that others are not. Also, invite suggestions on what the viewers need to hear from you and act on them. And don’t forget to link the content properly for continuous and long-term rankings!


Video Optimization and Local Search
If pictures talk a thousand words then videos do even more so! Starting from online product exhibitions to how the company is adopting different strategies, quality improvement initiatives to client interaction, posting videos on such aspects will defiantly get people interested. This is because videos are not doctored and sometimes these show the efforts of the company in real-time. Local searching is another advantage for companies that want to attract local buyers and strengthen their position in a certain territory.


Thus by adopting these tactics and paying serious attention towards making innovative efforts, SEOs can make a difference in the rankings despite the increasing competition.


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