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TOP SEO Strategies To Rank You Better In 2014

Search Engine Optimization | Admin | Updated: 2014-06-12

TOP SEO Strategies To Rank You Better In 2014

Off late, due to changes in Google Algorithm, Search Engine Optimization has changed dramatically. With addition of Google Panda what conventionally used to work for SEO may not work today. Thus if you find yourself asking What SEO Techniques to use in 2014? you would tremendously benefit from this article.

Concentrate On SoLoMo

In 2014, we may need to rethink the concept of SEO entirely. Thus, rather than technique, your SEO strategy should aim at a more natural approach, this includes building fresh and relevant content, making organic links and many more strategic moves. Try to concentrate more on the SoLoMo strategy or Social, Local, Mobile, with a strong focus on customer engagement.

Go For A 360 Degree Approach Online

To rank better in the search engine and allow the user to find your website with ease in 2014, we may need to combine SEO, content management, social media marketing and mobile marketing for localizing search.

Here are some ideas that you may wish to incorporate:-

  • SEO The Organic Way: You may wish to update your keywords frequently and combine both long tailed as well as short-tailed keywords. Always use your keywords on the title tags, anchor link. The best advice here would be to spy your competitors in order to learn about the keywords they are using to rank better.
  • Update Content &Keep It Fresh: When we talk about content, we don't just mean text, we refer to multimedia content such as videos, charts, graphics etc. Search frequently for industry-related news and link to interesting information. You should add social media buttons, so that people can share, pin or email the information.
  • Social Media Is The Winner: Post regular content on social media platforms. Find out what platform your customers use the most and post to those platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ are all highly ranked portals that are known for promoting brand awareness and encouraging valuable dialogs.
  • Go Mobile: With Smartphones on rise, building a mobile website is just about the need for the hour. In December 2011, Google launched a smartphone known as Google Bot Mobile to help visitors find your website. There are two techniques that you should pay special attention to, these are: Responsive Web Design Techniques and Adaptive Web Design Techniques.

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