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Tips To Get More Followers On Twitter

Social Media Marketing | Admin | Last Updated: 2013-10-28

Tips To Get More Followers On Twitter

Presently, Tweeting is the new trend when it comes to marketing. With nearly 200 million people using Twitter on a daily basis, it has become even more popular because of Marketing Factor. Due to the extensive fame of social networking sites, reputed companies hire professional Social Networking Services to serve their purpose. Having more and more followers help you in creating a good image for your business. Following simple steps will help you in getting more Twitter followers:

Be Amusing, Engaging and Exciting

Gaining credibility is very important if you want to gain more followers on Twitter. In SEO marketing, if you have incorporated all the right keywords, then your half the task is done. But when it comes to Twitter, just having this is not enough. You have to be a lot more creative, so that your tweet becomes interesting. You have to be engaging at all time, whether you are giving tips / suggestions or expressing new ideas / things. To inspire people to follow you, you have to add humor and uniqueness to your tweets.

Be a Participant

If you want others to follow you, then you also need to participate on Twitter. This is very simple. All you need to do is re-tweet relevant tweets, give reply to mentions, and use hash tags & interesting topics along with your own tweets. You can connect yourself to larger community and become a part of it by participation. Interaction with others will help in gaining more followers.

Target Established Tweeters

Tweeting requires a lot of interaction. Getting associated with powerful tweeters is very beneficial. If they are tweeting about the same topics like yours, then you can get lots of followers. You should be able to grab attention of powerful tweeters. If they find your topics interesting, then they may mention your name in conversation. They may also retweet your tweets. Thus, all followers will notice you and you will be having a good chance of securing more followers.

Follow Others

This is a very basic approach that people use in Twitter. If you follow someone on Twitter, then you may get followed by them. For this, all you need is to tweet regularly and your profile should be completed. Follow relevant people and this will help you in enhancing your image.
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