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Tips Of Getting Traffic From Facebook

Social Media Marketing | Admin | Updated: 2010-08-02

Tips Of Getting Traffic From Facebook

Popularity of social networking in recent years has given a boost to its use as a source of getting more traffic for your website. There are so many social networking sites available on the internet that can actually benefit you in attracting more traffic to your website. But the question is which social networking site can serve your purpose in the most efficient manner? The answer to this question is nothing else but your very own Facebook, undoubtedly the most popular one in the internet world.

Through Facebook you can not only stay in touch with your friends, but you can also use it as an effective medium for promoting your website and attracting more traffic to it. But, there are certain tricks that should be followed for getting the desired results and see how Facebook turns into a traffic monster for your website. In this write-up, we are providing you some of the basic tips that will help you in promoting your website through Facebook.

  • Use your profile as your weapon

Making an interesting profile is the first key to become popular on Facebook. Add enough information about yourself and make your profile public for attracting people who might show interest in visiting your website. Opportunities like posting information about your endeavors, adding pictures, videos, galleries, etc. offered by the Facebook will help you in generating interest among the people.

  • Be active

Building your own network on Facebook and posting information on regular basis will make you an active Facebook user, thus, it will add to your credibility. Long delays in updates will slow down the pace of traffic on your website, which can actually be really harmful for you. Visit the profiles of people who have joined you, taking part in their groups and showing interest in their activities will generate curiosity among them for gathering more information about you.

  • Check what Facebook has in store for you

Facebook offers you the flexibility to add social ads, applications, RSS feeds, etc. to your profile for widening your base on the network. Take advantage of these inexpensive features as they can work for you in a great way and will generate lot of traffic for your website. You can directly post apps, ads and RSS feeds on your Facebook profile simply within few minutes.

  • Start a group

Although, there are already so many groups on the Facebook, there is always a room for creating your own group for attracting a niche audience. People keen to know more about the business you are involved in will surely show interest in your group and will become part of it. This will automatically direct the targeted audience to your website and increase traffic on it.

Facebook keeps on upgrading its structure and functioning, so its better to keep yourself updated for targeting the right audience at the right time. We assure that following these simple tips for your Facebook account will surely bring considerable increase in the number of visitors on your website.

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    30 November, 2011 at 12:18 pm

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    12 November, 2011 at 12:25 am

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  • seo services
    16 December, 2010 at 6:01 am

    These tips are awesome for getting traffic from facebook. I think Facebook is one of the fastest growing social networking site. One of the most interesting features of Facebook Is Facebook fanpage.


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