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Tips For Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC Marketing | Admin | Updated: 2010-11-01

Tips For Pay Per Click Advertising

The idea of Pay-Per-Click Advertising emerged in 1998 via GoTo-Internet Marketing Services. Since then, this concept has evolved as an effective and efficient ad-technique. Pay-Per-Click Advertising is the concept under which one creates and places ads having significant keywords to attract Web Traffic, extensively. Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Microsoft adCenter are the major key players in this domain through which one can bid for special keywords. However, Google AdWords has the largest distribution across the network in the web domain among these.

Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

  • Attracts maximum traffic
  • Improves the quality of the ads that increase CTR and position of an enterprise
  • Attracts more clicks for a given amount of impressions
  • Revenue based model
  • Helps in Achieving Top Ranking on Search Engines
  • Makes the website stand on top
  • Offers assured advertising and promotion of the website

But one needs to focus on the in-depth facts to make the most of these benefits. Let us discuss some essential tips for writing better PPC ads:

  • Increase your CTR (Click Through Rates) every single time, by writing ads for small groups of keywords, which are grouped very tightly. Write only specific keywords to tackle competition.
  • Use keywords as much as possible and try to make them appear multiple times, taking the advantage of keyword bolding. For maximum bolding, include keyword in all four lines of the PPC advertisement.
  • Make your ad stand out by giving it a visual appeal with additional creativity and planning. For cascading effects, make each line progressively longer or shorter to create a visual arrow or reverse arrow shape.
  • Keep your target audiences in mind while writing ads like what the audience looking for when they search for this keyword. Also, the Tagline or Headline of the ads must be attention-grabbing and wisely crafted.
  • Asking questions to the audience is definitely a good strategy if you can work a question into your headline. Create something new. Audience wants to know What's in it for me? so emphasize on the benefits of your offer.
  • Multiple versions of URL display like capitalization (i.e.DomainName.com v/s domainname.com) or www sub domains, usually, but not always, increase the CTR. Include keywords in your URL like Key-Words.DomainName.com or DomainName.com/Key-Words.
  • Be cautious while quoting prices, unless your price is the lowest. It is probably best to leave it out of your advert.
  • Check spelling and grammar twice, because having a grammatical or spelling error in your ad hurts its credibility.
  • Space available to you in a pay-per-click ad is extremely limited so don't waste it with useless phrases like-I said before, etc. Keep sentences simple and concise so that it is easier for the reader to quickly understand what you are offering.
  • Make the ad relevant to the landing page by mentioning the particular offer or benefit clearly.

Last but not the least, the best ad on the page must have checked thoroughly, tracking multiple ads over multiple test iterations. By doing this, you will improve your ad over time, and will eventually have a great performing ad with a very high click through rate. These tips have been analyzed by the rich experience of PPC marketing experts and a true commercialist can surely spend an extra penny to secure the highest position with these on the World Wide Web.

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