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Tips for Designing An Effective Website To Mobile Version

Web Design | Admin | Updated: 2013-08-08

Tips for Designing An Effective Website To Mobile Version

There is no doubt about the fact that there has been a substantial increase in the number of people who are using their Mobile Phones to access the web in recent times. This phenomenon could be largely attributed to the availability of advanced mobile technology, which has ensured an enhanced mobile browsing experience to users. From an ecommerce point of view, Mobile friendly websites are good news - as they can be accessed by anybody, involve lesser costs to develop as well as maintain & are compatible with most mobile phones today.

Tips For Designing An Effective Mobile Web Version

  • Get Feedback From Users - Since the basic motive behind the whole exercise is to provide a great mobile browsing experience to users when they visit your website, it only makes sense that you involve them in the designing process. Involve your users and get feedback from them. A few examples of the questions that need to be asked include - What kind of devices are they using? What features do they expect the mobile web version to have? What problems do they face when accessing mobile websites usually?
  • Prioritize Features You Want The Mobile Website To Have - Make a list of features that you want in your Mobile Website. Make a list of what all features your users want from the feedback you collected. Try to align both the lists to arrive at a user-centric design that will provide value to all your web users.
  • Keep The Navigation Simple - Mobile Phones have smaller keypads & screens as compared to desktops. In order to enhance the mobile web browsing experience of the users, you need to ensure that your mobile website is easy to navigate. Simplify the design layout and functionality, get rid of graphics, use single column layouts (as far as possible), use contrasting colors, keep the pages light, etc. Keep the layout as simple and minimalist as possible.

Following these tips will ensure that the users finding their way to your mobile website do not get frustrated with the browsing experience & leave. Request a Free Quote

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