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Tips For Building A Mobile Website

Web Design | Admin | Updated: 2014-05-15

Tips For Building A Mobile Website

The increasing number of the mobile users has encouraged many marketers and businesspersons to have their own mobile websites. Mobile Websites allow the users to look at the products or services and other important information in their mobile phones. The mobile phones are handy allowing the users to access the information wherever they want to without any time or place limitation, which exists in desktop websites. Mobile Websites have emerged to be as the most convenient, easy and interactive way of engaging with different users. So, let us look the tips that you can follow while creating Mobile Websites.

Tips To Create A Mobile Website

  • Content- Try to keep the content of the Mobile Website brief, to the point and organized to make it engaging for the viewers. Big and lengthy paragraphs are a put-off for the readers and even discourage them to read further. Expose the readers to the most important information at the beginning in clear words. The content should not look cluttered with a lot of spacing. Limit the words between 70 to 100 words.
  • Compatibility Make sure that you choose only those designs and graphics that are compatible with mobile designs. Otherwise, it would limit your audiences as a website designed especially for Blackberry or iPhone will look completely different on other devices. Hence, choose the designs, which are compatible with all the mobile versions. Even, limit the number of graphics and their size in the mobile websites, as they will take more time for downloading.
  • Convenient For offering a simple, engaging, and convenient experience to the viewers, make sure that it allows for cross channel activity. Only provide them with links that contain important information. The Mobile Website should contain tailored content from the websites such as blog, comments, reviews, etc. Besides, it should be connected to the desktop through RSS and XML, so that, you get timely updates without opening the website.
  • Features- Make your website attractive by adding features like did you mean prompts, call to action and faceted navigation. Connect your website with the popular social networking websites like Facebook or twitter to make it more connected to its audiences. Touch to call and location-based links are quite useful for the mobile users. Even, ensure that that the navigation on the website is safe and simple.

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