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Swarm: The Check-in App You Need

Social Media Marketing | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2016-11-07

Swarm: The Check-in App You Need

The year 2009 witnessed the birth of a new mobile app called Foursquare that enabled you to search and discover new eating joints and hangout points. In the year 2014, it surprised its users with the launch of the Swarm App. Swarm is a companion app of Foursquare8.0 that lets you check into your favorite food joints and earn coins with every check-in. The larger your group, the more coins you get. It transforms your daily routine into a gaming experience, where you enjoy your food along with earning points.
If you are getting bored at home and want to hang out, then all you have to do is open the app, see where your friends are, and surprise them with your presence. The check-ins you make in Swarm help Foursquare to know your choices better and come up with better recommendations.

How Swarm Came Into Existence

Launched in 2014 as a companion app to Foursuqare8.0, Swarm left many people questioning about its emergence. This app unbundling left many existing Foursquare users in distress. Foursquare was working perfectly, then what led to the birth of Swarm?This question was on everybody's mind. Let us find the answer to these questions. According to a revelation made by the team of Foursquare to International Business Times, the organization analyzed the usage data that led to this major split. It was noticed that only one in every 20 users showed interest in both location searching and location sharing. Some used it particularly for finding nearby locations while others were interested in checking in with their friends. This made them come up with the plan of Swarm. To enhance user experience and simplify operation tactics, they decided to come to splits where Swarm would be solely dedicated to check-ins and location sharing whereas Foursquare would be used for discovering and exploring new places.

How To Get Started With Swarm

Operating Swarm is as simple as a walk in the park. There is no rocket science used in the working of this application. You can easily check-in with your friends and even know their location using this app. Once you have decided to be on Swarm, just download the app from the Android Play store or the IOS App store. Make your profile and start sharing your location. The more check-ins you make, the more coins you earn. Enjoy your Swarm Perks and get amazing offers and deals at local businesses. These perks can be used to get exciting offers and deals in real-world business locations like restaurants, gaming centers and other places. With thousands of users happily using this app, Swarm just celebrated its ten billionth check-in a month back. Wait no more, download the app now and start checking in to avail real life coupons and turn your everyday routine into a fun-filled gaming experience.

Interesting Check-in Options

Frustrated about leaving the comfort of the bed and acting as a driver to drop your sister off at the airport? Why not add a pinch of fun and excitement to your boring day? Swarm is the perfect way to make the best use of such situations. Just open the app and make a check-in for the airport to earn coins. The more coins you earn the nearer you get to become a Mayor. Not just that, you can also add photos, stickers and captions with your check-in to make your check-in more attractive and catchy. Many of the users love the new sticker feature. It is categorized according to the places you check-in. For example, if you are at a bar, beer stickers will pop up and at a movie theater, you can get stickers with images of popcorn tubs or other related things. Keep checking-in to unlock more amazing stickers.

Keep Checking-in To Become A Mayor

Competing with friends is always more exciting than any other boring game. Swarm keeps you locked in here as well. With its Mayorship option, you can easily compete with your friends and become a mayor in no time. Initiated by Foursquare itself, the Mayorship competition was shared when Swarm took off in 2014. According to the terms and conditions, the person who checks-in the most number of times within a period of 30 days is crowned with the title of Mayor.

Earn Coins And Swarm Perks

In order to rank high on Swarm leaderboard, you need to make as many check-ins as possible. This will get you more points and eventually make you the Mayor. In order to earn more coins, use stickers, photos and add your friends in your check-in. You can also share your feed on Facebook or Twitter to get more points. Swarm Perks, on the other hand, offers you exciting real world prices for more number of check-ins. Many challenges are organized by Swarm for its users where you can compete and win exciting deals. With this all-new feature, you get discount coupons at the participating locations.

Stalk your friends, check-in with them, earn points and become the Mayor to transform your daily life routine into an exciting gaming experience with Swarm. Wait no more and download this social media app to enjoy your visit to various everyday locations.

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