Steps For Simultaneously Posting On Various Social Websites

Social Media has become a part and parcel of our lives. Such is their importance that big companies are availing professional Social Media Optimization Services to make their presence felt. If you have signed up for multiple social media websites, then it becomes very important to share your thoughts on each site individually. Connecting with each site is essential. But, cross posting of thoughts is a very time consuming task. But with the advent of technology, you can save your energy and efforts. Built-in and third-party shortcut services are very beneficial in turning several steps into a single step. These are time-savers, with which a single post can be shared easily across multiple social profiles.


Steps For Simultaneously Posting On Various Social Websites


All Tweets To Facebook
Read following steps to know how you can post all Tweets to Facebook:

  • In the year 2011, Twitter started the support for cross posting to Facebook. So, tweets to Facebook can be posted directly through Twitter. A third-party application, service or website is not needed.
  • By clicking on the “Profile” icon, a drop-down menu will get opened. Choose “Settings” from that.
  • At the left side of account window, click on “Profile”. By scrolling down the “Bio” input box, reach the Facebook section. Click on “Post Your Tweets to Facebook” button.
  • Then click “Connect to Facebook” button. When asked, log into your Facebook account, if you are not connected to it already. Click on the “Allow” button when “Request for Permission” window opens on Facebook.
  • In Facebook, open application settings. There will be a list of options. Select Twitter from them. Set “Friends” from drop-down menu of “App Privacy”.


Selective Tweets to Facebook

If you want that only selective tweets should get posted on Facebook, then you can use Facebook Selective Tweets app. You just need to follow below written steps:

  • For selective tweets, go to the Facebook apps page. Then sign up your profile. In the search box, you can enter “Selective Tweets” to reach its app’s sign-up page.
  • The link to Twitter from Facebook needs to be established. For this, you need to enter your Twitter username on “Your Profile” tab. Then, click on save button.
  • Tweets can be composed using Twitter interface- web or mobile. Apply hashtag “#fb” on each tweet that you are willing to share on Facebook. Only tweets with the hashtag will appear on your Facebook profile.

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