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Stars That Shine On Social Media

Social Media Marketing | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2015-12-01

Stars That Shine On Social Media

In the epoch where everything about life, from trivial to legendary, is found on the corners of Facebook, Twitter, and other social-media platforms, there are few whose fame has hooked the unstinted admirers. Whatever they do, whoever they meet, their latest purchases, exhilarating vacations or their mood swings, catches and engages the interest of the millions, who are watching them every moment with curious eyes. Love, hate, or controversy, what on earth might be the reason; they are the stars who shine on the social media.
Scroll below to see the stars who are crowned as the most popular personalities on the no.1 social media platform in the year 2015:

Facebook: #1 Cristiano Ronaldo

Admirers: 106.7million likes

He might be head to head with Lionel Messi for the title of the world's number 1 soccer player, however on the world's most popular social platform, Facebook that brags of 1.39 billion active followers, this Portuguese and Real Madrid soccer player has achieved the crowning glory. Cristiano's fans are on a steady multiply with virtually 54 per minute on an average. His true-to-life admirers don't even leave a single opportunity to give gargantuan responses on his posts as na've as what underwear he should put on. No wonder, this man has a net worth of whopping $250 million and the yearly income of $45 million!

Twitter: #1 Katy Perry

Admirers: 74.92 million follows

On the second most popular social media platform, Twitter that boasts of over 316 million active users and is still counting, the star that is ruling the modern generation's hearts is Katy Perry. This alluring singer and actress from California, United States have left behind the magnificent US President Barack Obama, in terms of popularity on this social channel. She is best known to pulsate the hearts of young girls by tweeting posts of her life as a touring diva or the girly stuff as lame as spa music got me emotional. This diva is presumed to be the most well-off royalty of music with an estimated net worth of $260 million!

Instagram: #1 Taylor Swift<

Admirers: 54.7 million follows

All in rage, Instagram with over 400 million global users, is frequently agreed as a women-dominated social media platform, so its not astonishing to know that the platform's most popular celebrity is the friendly Taylor Swift. Like a dark horse, she has even beaten the famed divas like Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, and others. This celeb never shies away from posting authentic and fun pictures of the cats to concerts. This young girl is reported to have estimated net worth of $200 million and yearly earnings of $80 million approximately.

YouTube: #1 PewDiePie

Admirers: 40.5 million subscriptions

YouTube Stars Pip Traditional Celebs, and this 24-year young man PewDiePie (real name Felix Kjellberg) has managed to outshine the popularity of the young sensation, Rihanna. He gathered around $7.4m (4.9m) in 2014 through his comedy video blogs and video games and is now playing in billions. Also, he is one of the few YouTubers to have vocal about the financial success of vlogging in front of the world. Very soon, he is coming up with his new book This book loves you. This young man has reported of a net worth of $12 million!

LinkedIn: #1 Richard Branson

Followers- 9,925,325

For the people who aren't still aware who he is, Richard Branson is the founder of the eminent virgin group that controls more than 400 companies. He's known for creating successful companies that proffer fun work culture and help people to be more effective and productive at managing things. Among the youth aspirants, Richard is popular for his approach to work-life balance. As per him, "There is no separation between work and life it s all living". Branson has gained massive popularity on LinkedIn as a result of his various interactive initiatives, including Ask Me Anything. He takes questions from the followers and give them answers to interesting trivia like What is the best staff excuse he's heard, why he's not retiring, and what happened when he tried to meditate, etc. In future, Richard wants to undercover the potential that the oceans hold and use them for his business purposes. You might hate them, you might love them but it is really tough to ignore them when they are the ones we see almost every day on our social networking accounts.

While social media networking has integrated deeply in our day-to-day schedule, the number of starts rising from it will only continue to increase in future. For now there are many other social media stars, apart from the ones mentioned above, that have made a special place in our hearts. By revealing their usual self and constantly being in touch with their admirers, these stars have made their personality shine. Getting bigger and better each passing day, their tweets and posts have the charisma to make a fan's day.

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