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Speed Up Your Website Downloading

Business & Marketing | Admin | Updated: 2009-12-07

Speed Up Your Website Downloading

Today web network is swamped with information providing sites. If you make an online search, you are provided with numerous options. In that case if one site takes much time to load the user switches to other. The sites with longer uploading time face grave lose as these sites are visited by less number of users, to avoid this situation site designers improvise different ways to speed up the downloading their websites. The best way to increase the speed of downloading is by making it the site compact. This can be done using various techniques.

Techniques to speed up your website downloading :-

  • CSS
  • White space, line returns and comment tags and line returns must be minimized
  • Relative call-ups
  • at the end of directory links
  • Unnecessary META tags and META content should be removed


Cascated Style Sheets is the highly advanced and effective way in which you can reduce the size of the website. The various properties of CSS help minimizing the load of the website thereby increasing its speed. The properties of CSS that are used by web designers are:-

  • CSS Sprites- it enables the designers to use single image file that contains all the other image sin the form of grid.
  • CSS Shorthand-helps the web designers to minimize the CSS code.
  • Substitution-help substitute Java scripts techniques in place of CSS effects.
  • Smaller style sheets-reduce size of the sites using various techniques like group selectors, selector specificity, etc.
  • CSS layout most preferred as against tables as it takes much less time to display the tables

White space, line returns and comment tags and line returns must be minimized :-

By eliminating needless comments and space from your Web Page you can save a lot of bites. This will in turn help your sites to shed off the extra load and download faster.

Relative call-ups

Absolute call-ups eat up a lot of space so to use relative call ups will be a better option.

  • Use of the sign at the end of directory links :- Slash / at the end of the URL indicates that the given link is referring to a directory. If it is not used then the server gets confused as to whether link is pointing towards a directory or a file and thus wastes time.

Unnecessary META tags and META content should be removed :-

In SEO, Description tags and keywords are of more importance than Meta Tags. Lengthy Meta tags use a lot of space and increases the content. If your website is invested with these techniques, it is surely going to become a fast loading website. The brevity of the site will enable it to load faster and hence allow more users to visit your site and this help generating more money.

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  • DIY Makeup
    04 February, 2010 at 10:41 pm

    I really appreciate this article. I was wondering about this for a while now. This cleared a lot up for me! Do you have a rss feed that I can add?


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