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Short Term and Long Term SEO Goals

Search Engine Optimization | Admin | Updated: 2012-04-23

Short Term and Long Term SEO Goals

For any company with a virtual presence, SEO goals are of vital importance. SEO process is integral as it brings the company's website and subsequently the company itself to a potential client's notice. A company's SEO goals may be divided into short term as well as long term ones.

Short Term Goals

  • Making a careful study of the website and remove whatever links are redundant and no longer needed. In case if there is any content which does not have HTML coding, it should be done.
  • There should be proper mechanism for assessing exactly how many viewings got converted into actual clients. Also there should be a total separate count for offline and online conversions.
  • For every department in the company, there should be a separate incharge for the SEO division. It would he supervisor's duty to see that there is maximum SEO effort happening and provide the right incentives to ensure this.
  • There should be a separate department for making sure that the content is user friendly as well as SEO friendly. Keywords added to the website should make proper sense and add meaning to the content. Any irrelevant content should be removed and the space can be utilized for adding informative ones.
  • There should be proper team who would be keeping a check on what the competition is upto. There should be a detailed study on the SEO processes followed by the competitors.
  • Make a regular report on what all scope there is for improvements in the SEO processes followed in different departments and share it with the concerned management.

Long Term Goals

  • Long term SEO goals include making sure there is a regular and steady increase in the number of online conversions. There should be proper techniques in place to target more and more audience. And also care should be taken to maintain a balance between online and offline conversions.

Both these short term and long term goals ensure that there is proper visibility of your company in the virtual world, besides being an effective tool for attracting potential clients.

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