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SEO slip-ups by Designer and Developers

Search Engine Optimization | Admin | Updated: 2010-06-07

SEO slip-ups by Designer and Developers

Designing and Development of a website serves as its backbone. Their significance lies in the fact that they give life to non-existent web pages and equip them with a user-friendly interface. Moreover, if a website is known for its ultra-modern features, it is just because of website designing and development. But, web designers and web developers are generally least aware of search engines technicalities that lead them to commit mistakes, which ultimately generate havoc at the time of promotion of a website. Here in this blog, we are spotting some of the major SEO slip-ups done by designers and developers while creating a website.

  • Splash Page - A website, which starts with Splash Page i.e. where the home page is displayed with Banner Image, accompanying a link of "Enter", gives least space to spiders to follow the link. And, if a web page, especially the Home Page is not spiderable it will not be promoted by the search engines. Here, you should know the importance of your Home Page and design it with utmost search engine friendliness.
  • Flash Menus - A variety of Flash Objects are considered as non-spiderable, and Flash Menus is one of them. These are very attractive to glance at, but search engines cannot see or read them, thus affecting promotion of a website.
  • Hidden Content - To effectively promote a website, the entire content should be made available in the text formats. A host of designers or developers embeds codes in image or flash object, which completely restrict spiders to read the text, embedded in the Flash or Graphical presentations.
  • Excessive use of Technology - The excessive use of technology, especially in programming language like Ajax, by developers prevents spiders to index the web pages. The websites, made with Ajax, get loaded on browsers dynamically, which adversely affects Search Engine Optimization.
  • Theme Design's Versioning - Designers, who version their theme design into sub level folders, actually create problem in the back link counting and the overall ranking of the website.
  • Missing Alt-Tags - In order to make the web pages attractive, the images on the web pages are left without alt-tags by developers, which lead to bad SEO of the website.
  • Link Title - In order to highlight that your topic is associated with some important subject, relevant keyword(s) should be duly used in the Link Titles.
  • General Title Tag Mistakes - Each page of a website carries distinct identity; hence it is necessary that you use distinct
  • Random stuffing of Keywords in Titles - Never use keywords excessively in the title tags. Web developers usually repeat the keywords, which create irrelevance from different attributes.

Here, in this blog we have enumerated some of the basic SEO slip-ups, which designers and developers make while developing any website. Avoiding these will help them create a website that is SEO friendly.

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  • Carroll B. Merriman
    04 December, 2010 at 5:57 am

    Thank you for sharing this article, this is nice one.... I like it a lot....


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