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Save Money with 5 Benefits of Having a Business Website

Web Design | Ankit Gupta | Updated: 2020-04-14

Save Money with 5 Benefits of Having a Business Website

Its 2020 and business persons who do not have a website yet, this write-up is drafted especially for them. Over the decade, the marketing industry has witnessed a lot of new marketing practices. This has empowered the buyer and seller of today. In this era of technology, many sellers own a website, even if they have a small scale business. Having a website for the business reduces FOMO by 33% annually. An increased business success rate became possible for business owners by availing professional web design services for creating a small website.

There are several reasons for a small business owner to have a website in 2020. It is an apprentice that can benefit growth by generating revenue with minimal investment and time. So, listed below are some reasons for having a website for small scale businesses in 2020.

Credibility for Business

Let's understand it practically.

  • A & Mr. B run their businesses in the same city. Both are retailers of organic food items. Mr. A has dedicated a responsive website for his business, whereas, Mr. B is luddite. Whose business do you think rests on the comfortable couch?

Luddite is the term denoting someone who restrains from advancement. In the above example, Mr. B fails to establish an online identity, so he's a luddite. To sustain prominence, especially today, a business should be credible in all contexts. If a small scale business doesn't have a website, it will fail to gain credibility that is the foremost pillar of legitimacy.

Prompt Accessibility

Hey, we've retired for the day.-This is history Hey, we're working.- This is the current scenario It means that having a professional business website makes you available 24/7, even if you're ready to hit the sack. With the availability of the internet and 24/7 access, customers tend to navigate through websites regardless of the time. They can place their orders & make payments conveniently from a secured payment gateway. Here's an example:

  • B learned from his mistakes and got a professional website designed for his business. After getting the website, his business saw an upsurge of 11%! It means that while being a luddite, he was missing out on a lot of benefits. Now, he's making a profit with the website.

Data Collection & Feedback

With a website, collecting the client's basic contact details becomes convenient. By acquiring details, you can convert the website visitors into leads and then consumers. Furthermore, retaining consumers becomes easier by offering them elusive deals and discounts. What's more, your clients can give apt feedback related to the brand's product or service. By replying to their queries, one can easily maintain a two-way communication for the welfare of the business. Simple example below:

  • Earlier, Mr. B couldn't find out that did his clients really prefer his products? But after having a website, he was assured about the quality and how he could improve it in the future.

Best Marketing Tool

We live in the era of digital marketing. Whether it is a startup or a pre-established company, all prefer digital marketing for reaching a vast & anonymous target audience. It requires minimal efforts and investment. Moreover, the results are scalable. You do not require hiring door-to-door marketing individuals, distributing pamphlets, printing brochures, hoardings etc. When visitors will visit the website, they can easily download e-brochures, PDFs, see infographics, videos, and read web content. Another example:

  • B was making a lot of profit so he decided to spend some on brand marketing. He approached a marketing company offering professional website designing services. By utilizing the service, his business website's reach became exponential.

Maintain Competition in The Industry

By optimizing the small scale business website, maintaining the competition among competitors in the industry becomes easy. You can keep an eye on things they've been doing to sustain prominence. You can also follow the same or do it even better to upscale. After all, first impression is the last impression. This too has an example:

  • A and Mr. B have their respective business websites. They're generating leads and turning them into clients. Besides, revenue generation has become facile for both of them. Now, they are prime competitors in the same city and keeping their best foot forward to surpass each other in the market. That's what you can call a cut-throat competition.

Final Words

Talking about B2B purposes, it is estimated that 85% of users judge a company's credibility according to its website. If you lack a website in 2020, up to 85% of your sales are already thrown in a pit! So, having a business website would be better than not having an online presence. Hope it convinces to get a business professional website designed.

1 thoughts on "Save Money with 5 Benefits of Having a Business Website"

  • David John
    05 May, 2020 at 12:36 pm

    Very nice and basic concepts you have told about saving money. Thanks for sharing this.


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