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5 Design Essentials Every Small Business Needs In Its Website

Web Design | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2019-05-22

5 Design Essentials Every Small Business Needs In Its Website

Launching a small business in today's competitive marketplace requires efforts and smart strategies. And, at the very core of today's business strategies is having a strong and effective web presence. Without a well-designed small business website, no business would be able to survive in the marketplace dominated by online shoppers and even retail buyers who Google everything before investing their money into it. While knowledge of the web design trends of the year is imperative for a website that grasps customer attention, more important for small businesses is to the website design essentials. If you are also a small business trying to make a strong reputation in today's crowded and competitive marketplace, these website design essentials are a must to know.

A Professional Design

Designing a website for a small business is a medium to build the online identity of the business and promote it in the digital ecosystem. To ensure that your small business website is doing complete justice to the brand and business you are trying to promote, it is imperative to keep a professional design. While many small businesses try to experiment with their website design by incorporating new elements, bold colors, fun graphics, cartoon animations, etc., if your business does not such theme, it is safe to stay away from such experimentation initially. Your website must not only have a professional and consistent design but also be a reflection of what your business is promoting.

Pro Tip :

Make sure the site is functioning smoothly and does not lag. All elements must be placed neatly and any type of clustering should be avoided for a professional design.

Well-Guided Navigation

Navigation is another important aspect of a website that every small business must focus on while getting their website designed by the best web designers in India. A well-designed navigation bar is imperative for any small business to guide its users to different products, services, or pages. The visitors coming to explore your small business on your website should be able to navigate to each and every page on the website through the navigation bar itself. Any visitor would not take time to leave a website if they are unable to find the page they were looking for on your small business website.

Pro Tip:

A sticky navigation bar with drop-down menus is one of the most loved navigation bars among users. Adding breadcrumb navigation could also be a good idea.

Story-like About Us Page

When it comes to the About Us page of a small business website, the customers always want a story more than a simple and robotic description of the business. Every small business has a story to tell about how they formed, what inspired them, from where they began, what challenges they faced, etc. Compiling all these ideas into a story and narrating it on the About Us page can make a strong connect with the visitors.

Pro Tip:

Tell a story of your company's inception, achievements, and future goals. You can also add stories of the directors and members in a personal tone to make a connection with the customers.

Content That Informs & Educates

Content plays an important part in reaching out to the potential customers and building authority among them. By including high-quality content on the website, any small business can gain a competitive edge in the market. The website should be designed such that the content is easily comprehensible and informs and educates the victors about your market, products, business, services, etc. Product description, service page content, landing page content, etc., everything plays a crucial role in promoting your small business website; so, make sure the content quality is good to impress the visitors. Moreover, two-thirds of the visitors prefer content that is beautifully and clearly presented than something that is simply put out. So, design and placement of content should also be a top priority.

Pro Tip:

Posting regular blog content on the site can also prove that the business is knowledgeable. Moreover, search engine optimized blog content with keywords, tags, etc., can also help in boosting your small business's online presence.

Trust-Building Social Proof

Building trust among the potential customers is imperative for any small business to succeed. In the digital marketplace, your clients know and identify you through your website and getting their trust without any physical connect might be challenging. This is where social proofs come to help. Adding social proof and highlighting them prominently on the website could be an effective way to build trust.

Pro Tip :

Getting customer testimonials on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc., can be shared on the website. Placement of the social proofing elements is important in web design and should be right where the potential customers can easily see them.

In A Nutshell

Website design is very decisive in the success of a small business, especially one that is targeting the e-marketplace. Website design essentials like navigation bar, trust elements, story building, content, and consistency in design are not the only things that all small businesses should keep in mind. Adding contact details, calls to action buttons, SSL certification, search engine optimization elements, etc., is also imperative for a small business website to stand out and mark its presence in the overly-crowded digital marketplace.

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