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Role of Robots.txt File in Websites

Search Engine Optimization | Admin | Last Updated: 2012-01-09

Role of Robots.txt File in Websites

When you come across the term Web Robots or Search Robots, remind yourself that you are not reading a Sci-Fi novel, but dealing with an important aspect of your online business venture. Still not sure about how Robots fit in the scenario? Read on to discover more about the significance of the term in the online trade.
The Search engines visit the website for indexing the content. They send out small programs called robots or spiders which bring back the information from the website to the Search Engines. There may be cases when you want certain parts of your website isolated from the indexing. If you have some pages or data that you do not want to make visible to the world, how do you exert your control? This is where Robots.txt File comes to your rescue.

What Is Robots.txt File?

Simply put, the Robots.txt File is essentially a file that informs the Search robots on pages that you would like them not to search and index. This action is quite similar to the Do not enter notes and signs that you hang on the door of your room. This file disallows the spiders form searching specific pages of your website.
It is important to get the Robots.txt File installed in the main directory. Else, the search engines will assume that the entire website needs indexing and will proceed to do the same. The search engines look in the main directory initially and do not search the entire website for the Robots.txt File.

You are living in a world where businesses are taking on an online avatar. With proper indexing, your website can be optimized properly to be highlighted amidst the existing websites swarming the World Wide Web. It is important to get a clear perspective on such major details so that you get a better understanding of the constantly evolving world of online business. This will definitely help you strategize and come up with smart plans to achieve the set targets.

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