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Proven E-Commerce Marketing Strategies For Increased Sales

Ecommerce | Ankit Gupta | Updated: 2019-06-20

Proven E-Commerce Marketing Strategies For Increased Sales

The latest reports by Statista have claimed that e-commerce revenue for the year 2019 can go up from $2842 billion to $3453 billion. And with the right marketing strategies, it won't be a challenge for an e-commerce store owner to hit the bull's eye. All that you need to fetch lucrative returns from this booming market is a functional and well-designed e-commerce store and the right set of marketing strategies. While you can get your store built from e-commerce design companies, we are here to help you with the e-commerce marketing strategies. This write-up comprises of the proven e-commerce marketing strategies for increased conversions and sales. Let's have a read.

Search Engine Marketing

  • While all of us are familiar with search engine optimization, not many are aware of search engine marketing or SEM. This is one of the most effective ways for online businesses to get their products ranked on top of result pages. Familiar as Pay Per Click advertising, SEM is highly useful in getting more traffic to your e-commerce site. While search engine optimization helps in boosting the organic ranking of the site on various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., search engine marketing gets you the top ranking through paid ads. The one thing to focus smartly for effective search engine marketing is keyword research. If you have targeted the right set of keywords for your brand, product, or service, driving a higher volume of traffic, especially first-time visitors, could be easily achieved. It can even drive more sales and conversions than the amount invested.
  • Google AdWords is the most useful tool to put your product out. You can put bid for each ad and pay only for the ads which get clicked. This ensures that your page ranks with the Ad symbol on top and attract more clicks.

Content Marketing

  • Whether it is a short video on Facebook, a GIF on Twitter, a captivating post on BuzzFeed, or an eye-catchy picture on Instagram, content is working in several ways to engage today's online audience. And when it comes to e-commerce marketing, there is no better tool to put your message in front of the targeted audience than through content. Content marketing is the medium that puts forth your brand's message, company's information, or tells the mere existence of your product. You need content, be it in any form, to market and promote your product. Your content can take any form, from blogs, videos, and images, to GIFs, infographics, and cinemagraphs, and allure the audience searching for more content about the products they want to buy. Moreover, whitepapers and newsletters are a great source of information sharing with the e-commerce buyers.
  • A smartly curated content after studying the demographics and behavior of the targeted buyer can drive more traffic and, in turn, more conversions. All you need to do is find the keywords ranked for your products and start creating and sharing content. Here are some content marketing ideas to succeed in 2019.

Email Marketing

  • Although considered dead by many a few years ago, email marketing has resurfaced as an effective way to reach out to the online buyers. According to a report, more than 91% of the consumers open and check their emails every day and interact with them even more. Moreover, a majority of the businesses and online consumers consider email as the primary source of communication and email marketing has even witnessed an average order value that is 3 times higher than social media. Email marketing, in simple terms, is sending out promotional or informative emails to the subscribers. These emails could be telling them some sale, exclusive offers, their selected item on discount, similar products, last pieces left, etc.
  • To get started, you need to build your email list and interact with the consumers through the same. You need to encourage them by offering different offers and bargains to get their email ids for your email list.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has turned out to become an internet giant for interaction and businesses can get an edge if they use this platform wisely. Here are some of the most effective social media tactics to improve your e-commerce conversions and sales.

  • Facebook Advertisements: Facebook, with over 2.38 monthly active users, is the treasure trove for e-commerce vendors and merchants. While getting organic traffic through Facebook pages is a toughie, paid Facebook Ads solve the problem. These ads appear as carousels on your target audience's Facebook feed and help in remarketing. Eye-catchy images, picking niche interest, targeting users with abandoned cart, upselling, referral marketing, etc., are some tips to win at Facebook ads.
  • YouTube Marketing: YouTube, a world in itself and a product of the search engine giant Google, is the second most powerful social media platforms in the world. With YouTube visitors watching over 5 billion videos a day, it won't be wrong to call this channel quintessential for targeting a niche audience, building brand awareness, and promoting products. You can use both YouTube Search Ads and YouTube Instream Ads to promote your products to the traffic.
  • Instagram Marketing: Instagram marketing is also a great strategy to build your brand presence among the consumers and buyers. This strategy is great for the e-commerce merchants and owners selling products that are essentially targeting the young millennial buyers.

Apart from that, one can also use a variety of other tactics like Instagram marketing, cross-channel marketing, referral marketing, etc., to build their brand presence, promote their products, and increase conversions. The more effectively an e-commerce store or e-commerce vendor/merchant uses these tactics,

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