Playing The Perfect Host To The SEO


Web Hosting is something that requires some skills in both the actual world and in the cyber world. In the cyber space, the server which stores your website is termed as a Web Host. For an optimum SEO ranking, it is crucial that you consider the effects of hosting. For a successful online business, your main target is revenue generation and Search Engine Optimization plays a significant part here. Hosting can have an impact on the SEO that can transform the revenue that your website generates.


Not entirely convinced how SEO can be affected by hosting? Read the following tips to discover the link between hosting and SEO.


  • Effect Of Bad Neighbors
    A web server may host other sites as well, especially in the case of shared servers that host small and medium sized websites. If any of the sites you share that server with are blocked due to spamming reasons, then their SEO indexing may fall down. Your website also stands the risk of going down in the ranks. Choose a dedicated server for larger websites and e-commerce applications.


  • Ensure That The Hosting Server Is Reliable
    If the server is down, then spiders that index the websites by crawling them might overlook your page. You lose valuable indexing and this may affect the optimization of your website.


  • Status Of The Robot.txt File
    Indexing does not happen if the Robot.txt file disallows it. Ensure that you confirm the status of the file with your service provider.


  • Server Speed
    Visitors are discouraged when your server takes time to load the pages. Ensure that page loading is optimum.


  • Link Building
    This links a network of website to the main website. Ensure that all your websites have different IP addresses since crawlers also index the IP of a webpage.


For a successful online business, a planned and well thought strategy will do great benefits. Similarly for running a successful trade in cyber space, remember to equip yourself with all the necessary tips and tricks.



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