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Why Personal Brands are More Social Media Savvy?

Social Media Marketing | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2016-08-30

Why Personal Brands are More Social Media Savvy?

Social Media marketing is a rich and trusted medium for a plenty of brands to kick-start their branding; however, not every firm is luring equal benefits from their efforts. While a sect of the adepts believes that social media is best for all sorts of businesses, the facts show that personal brands are gaining maximum profit and exposure from the social networks. Personal brands should be exactly what they sound like and social media gives brands the opportunity to be their true self in front of a large audience. What follows are some of the reasons that would clear the air on how social media is the best platform to promote a personal brand.

What is A Personal Brand?

Personal brands are the brands that reflect the personality of the 'idea representative' in all their marketing efforts. This is the reason why most of the personal brands are often synonymous with their associated marketers. While personal branding demands a friendly and interactive content presentation to interact with the users personally, social media offers brands a huge platform to present their business idea to the customer in a much personal way.

Social Networks Are For Showing The Real You

Unlike corporate brands, each personal brand exhibits its story. Social media provides the marketers a chance to present their story to the customers. When your social media connections already know who you are, it gets really easy for a brand to get more intimate with the audience and connect with them using interactive photographs and blogs, instead of sales pitches that seem too shallow and profit-oriented. At social networks, you are the author of your own story and have the right to successfully demonstrate the value of being yourself.

Friendly Tone

Personal brands have more personal tone since it is a single individual that has created the brand and holds control of it. Unlike corporate marketing, where personal and conversational voices are forbidden, personal branding needs to have a degree of friendliness and warmth. Social media let the marketers be warm and friendly with their target audience, and exhibit the distinct personality that the brand holds effectively. If you own multiple personal brands working in association with one another, you can spray the shade of your original brand personality using social media. It would possibly appeal different segments and more experienced voices.

Flexibility In Information

As a corporate brand, the firms have a huge reputation to maintain. The marketers are expected to follow a certain pattern and could not be much experimental with their efforts. At the same time, the personal brands are a much lighter version of the corporate giants. The personal brands have the advantage of the crossing the lines in terms of humor and recover quickly in case of any controversy that follows. The corporate companies don't enjoy the same leverage. They have to keep a check on what they are putting forward for the customers and maintain their core reputation throughout.

Personal Trust

The corporate brands aren't usually trusted as much as personal brands. The user trust in corporate brands is generally low as compared to the personal brands. The main reason behind is the story that a personal brand carries with it. The trust with corporate brands generally is all-time low, due to the growing consumer resentment because of increasing volume of advertising in circulation. With social media, personal brands get an opportunity to connect with users and build trust on a personal level without associating that name of any profit-seeking company or organization with them.

People Love Stories

People associate with the personal brands more due to the story associated with them. Personal brands carry a distinct story and social media acts as a platform that lets the marketers present who they are unapologetically. Personal brands are leveraging social media optimally. Personal have more options to interact with the users on a social media networks. They present their story via videos, pictures, infographics, etc. The followers on social media seek the natural personal element that each personal brand exhibit through their content. Personal conversations might not be suitable for every brand, but for an individual that the followers connect to on social media, personal content works the best.

The list doesn't end here; however, all the above-listed reasons are sufficient enough to lure personal brands to leverage the social media in future for personal branding. Many start-ups have already taken the social media's heed to infuse their vision into the audience that's seeking their product. If you still arent convinced, then better try it out! Building a personal brand takes a long time, but once your personal brand gets the hang of social media marketing, the efforts payback heavily.

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