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New Business Website Design Tips

Web Design | Admin | Last Updated: 2014-03-31

New Business Website Design Tips

So you already have a Business Website with features such as easy navigation, user-friendliness, etc. but it is not fetching you the benefits you expected. Well, if this is the case then surely you need to have a New Business Website Design with some additional workable features. Here are some New Business Website

Design Tips :

  • Balanced, Coherent Content Avoid stuffing too much product information on one web page. Instead of being helpful, surplus information may discourage the user to go ahead. Be smart and look for a Website Design Company whose professionals can best arrange the information to be provided on the website. Also, keep updating the information and remove the details of product or service you no longer offer.
  • Clearly Evident Contact Details If your earlier website did not have contact forms, then it may be one of the reasons behind fall of your online business. More often than not, customers leave the web page and look for other websites if the contact details are missing for making product related query. Don't let that happen. Do mention contact details or forms to enable the customers to make instant queries.
  • Live Chat Option Nothing can make a customer happy than receiving instant information and feedback from the expert. The live chat option is an assured way to convert a visitor into a buyer. It is a lead-generation tool using which the prospective buyers can make queries and learn more regarding your offerings. This interaction platform builds rapport and triggers the buying cycle.
  • Mobile Compatibility Nowadays, people generally use mobile phones for accessing the Internet. They surf through the shopping portals on their phone so as to save their time. This is a form of marketing which has drawn the attention of a large number of buyers of late. And since Mobile Marketing has emerged as the latest ecommerce trend, you must ensure that your business website must have mobile compatibility feature.

Ask the Web Designer to create a mobile compatible website which must not be intrusive when the user goes through the content or the product catalogue. Apart from having the above-mentioned features, your new website design must be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly and have additional features such as Social Media Integration, Sitemap, Language Translator, Good Error Handling, Browser Compatibility and Fast Load Times. Request a Free Quote

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