Must-Haves” For Your Landing Page To Upsurge Your Conversion Rate

Having a conversion rate of over 5%-15% on an average basis, the landing page is one of the most important element in generating leads. This is the reason why landing page is also known as lead capture page.




As per the recent reports landing pages perform far better than the main site pages at a conversion rate of 5-15% and they can do even better if you are having the ‘must-haves’ explained in this article. You might witness a 30-45% conversion rate if in case you implemented the following must haves in your website. Meaning to say, if you herd 10,000 visitors to your homepage, 300 leads are what you will be receiving. Moreover, if you target them on your landing page with 30% conversion rate on an average, you might yield 3,000 leads.

So, let’s start!

Nail It With The Headline

It is the headline where everything begins right from interest, attention, and understanding. The headline is your foremost move and action of your landing page. So, make sure that your headline is attention grabbing and convincing, else you might lose your potential conversion in mere seconds. Basically, it is the headline that gives the user a reason to stay on that page and take interest.


Effective Call To Action

I hope you might know that the whole point of a landing page is the call to action and that is the “exchange”. So, it’s important that you let your landing page tell the visitors for what you want them all to do as and when they land to your landing page. Moreover, the effective CTA instructs attention as well as motivates them to complete the task, be it placing a phone call, a purchase, or completing a form.


Grab The Attention With The Visuals
To enjoy an increase in your conversion, it is important that you have an uncluttered and visually pleasing design. A landing page that is sloppy “thrown together” kind will not work and will not build trust. Plus, it would be a good thing if you incorporate not-so-readily available templates. This is how you will be differentiating yourself from others and will stand tall. So, in short – don’t just settle for a “cookie-cutter” design.


Keep It Simple and Clear
It is very important that you don’t stuff your landing page with a bulk of information. To enjoy outstanding results, be clear-cut about what the page is all about as well as what you want the visitors to do. Do not add unnecessary images, videos, links and copy, limit the same on only what is required. In addition to this, manage the content of yours in a correct manner so that everything is in order.


Incorporate Social Networking Buttons
To make the most out of the landing page, make sure that all the visitors are capable of sharing the page with their friends and family and that too as easily as possible. It’s all very simple! You just have to make sure that there are different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more, which allows the users to conveniently share on social networking sites. This is how your site will reach out to more people offering you the basis for more conversions.


With these “Must-Haves” for your landing, I hope your site’s conversion rate will fly high and touch the sky. Fashioning a landing page that is competition-crushing is not for the faint of heart. So, all you need to have is patience and give these tactics little time and they will definitely work for you.

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