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Mobile Marketing Trends For 2014

Business & Marketing | Admin | Updated: 2014-03-27

Mobile Marketing Trends For 2014

Simply put, Mobile Marketing is marketing for goods with the use of a mobile device, typically a Smartphone. This form of marketing provides buyers with customized, and location and time sensitive information which is specifically meant to promote goods, ideas and services.

All thanks to advanced technology, today more than half of the people worldwide use mobile devices such as Smartphone not just to make calls but for playing games, clicking pictures, accessing emails, making online transactions, surfing the Internet and much more. Evidently, it is highly important to find out strategic ways to lure prospective buyers directly on their phones. And this is exactly what Mobile Marketing is all about.

Here are the latest Mobile Marketing Trends In 2014

  • Customized Offers : Even as the number of customers placing orders through Smartphones is relatively less as compared to that of the customers buying online using a desktop device, a significantly large number of people search for goods and services on their mobile gadgets. This tendency can be smartly used by providing customized offers. For instance, buyers looking for a stylish dress would surely be enticed by discount on the matching accessories.
  • Location Based Targeting : To target prospective buyers with relevant goods to buy when they are in the location is what makes Mobile Marketing more beneficial and less interfering. The location based notifications and promotions are the workable elements of marketing mix as they provide real-time marketing benefit by luring customers to nearby restaurants, stores and events. This tactic is surely going to be utilized by Internet Marketing Company in India or other countries for years to come.
  • Narrowcasting The Targets : Instead of targeting all the audience on broader platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. it is wise to narrowcast the targets and inform only the most prospective buyers. For instance, rather than making advertising campaign to inform all the youngsters for a DJ party at a certain club, it would be appropriate to send text messages to the regular visitors.
  • Extremely Small Amount Of Content : Keeping the content as minimum as possible is the key to effective Mobile Marketing. Remember that the customers have to go through the provided information on a comparatively small screen. Thereby, try to create small but informative content that can induce the buyers to actually make queries.

On the whole, Mobile Marketing is greatly attributable to the rapid growth of the Internet that has completely transformed the way people buy the goods of daily use, book accommodation to stay, look for activities to do and much more.

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