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Choose the Right Merchant Gateway

Business & Marketing | Admin | Updated: 2010-02-05

Choose the Right Merchant Gateway

Any business whether online or brick or mortar needs a service that takes care of the transactions with proper security. The payment gateway or the merchant gateway is an online service provider that sanctions payments for online retailers, e-businesses especially shopping carts, etc. Any ecommerce website requires a merchant gateway to conduct its business online.

What does a payment gateway do?

It basically enables the easy transfer of information, related to the payments, between the bank and the payment portal. It acts as a safeguard for the transactions that are carried out between the merchant and the customer by encrypting the important details of the credit cards.

Why is it essential to choose the correct gateway?

Fair and secure transactions are the key to a progressive business. If the purchase details are not kept safe by a business then the customer tends to lose his/her trust in that business. The credibility of a business begins to waver. So, it becomes necessary to choose an efficient and secure merchant gateway system so as to carry out the money deals with ease.

Why a Merchant Gateway?

  • Helps in faster dealings
  • Safer transactions
  • Facilitates 24x7 online purchase
  • Reduce fraud cases

What are the things that have to be taken into consideration while selecting a payment gateway?
Below we have given some points:

  • Shopping Cart Integration & Internet Payment Gateways
  • Address Verification System
  • Merchant Payment Gateway Integration
  • Before hiring a programmer ensure
  • Popular Internet Payment Gateway Service Providers

Shopping Cart Integration & Internet Payment Gateways:

  • Ask the payment gateway providers about the list of shopping carts, which their gateway supports. If you already have a shopping cart package then search for a compatible gateway for it.
  • Your merchant gateway must have a language support i.e. PHP, ASP, etc.
  • Also the gateway must accommodate additional disk space or the bandwidth.
  • Address Verification System : This is an important feature that a payment gateway must possess. An AVS enabled gateway helps in processing secure transactions. It verifies the addresses provided by the credit card holder with the records of the credit card company. Do check the working of the AVS before it is used by the customers.
  • Merchant Payment Gateway Integration : Assistance of a professional programmer might be needed in payment gateway integration. This service can either be availed from your web host or a reliable freelance programmer. All the required customizations are carried out by the programmer.
  • Before hiring a programmer ensure : That he has references or a data carrying his earlier works. There are no complaints against him in the business bureau. The contract made is in place.
  • Popular Internet Payment Gateway Service Providers : Conduct a market research before choosing a payment gateway service provider. Select the one that needs less amount of customization. E.g. of renowned providers of merchant gateways are: PayPal, Google, etc.

Thus payment gateway is one of the vital components of an ecommerce website so don't not just hurry and choose a wrong package. Carefully think about all the above mentioned points and then opt for a merchant gateway. They are very important to reduce the fraud instances.

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