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Make your visitor happy

Tips & Tutorial | Admin | Updated: 2009-10-28

Make your visitor happy

What does a user on the internet aspect? To say in short, promptness and efficiency. If you are determined to serve your clients better, just follow the following tricks of the trade:

  • Website Navigation should be user friendly. It is your duty to check that visitors easily know which section they are visiting and can reach any section easily. They should not face confusion when browsing your site.
  • See that you provide a Sitemap page and link to it from your main navigation. This helps search engines locate all your web pages.
  • Navigate your site to search engines in the best possible way. Don't be complacent with a JavaScript navigation. Do build a HTML navigation system too. This should include basic text links at the bottom of your web pages.
  • Add a Sitemap page. Establish a link to it from your main navigation. Result, search engine finds all your web pages in no time.
  • Make your site Search Engine friendly. That means try to get as many links as possible so that search engines like Yahoo!, Google can locate you easily and your site grabs a high position. For this, provide text links as part of the navigation structure.
  • As a part of the navigation structure, it is wise to provide keywords in text links so that search engines fish out the web page related to the word/ text/ topic in a jiffy.
  • Another important means, which helps not to lose a customer, is to keep yourself accessible. For that, provide them with several easy ways to contact you. In addition, make sure you are quick to respond.

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