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Main Factors for SEO Ranking

Search Engine Optimization | Admin | Updated: 2010-09-06

Main Factors for SEO Ranking

What is SEO Ranking? Have you ever wondered why SEO Ranking is so important for your website? If you don't know, then read the write up to determine the significance of SEO Ranking for your website. Every website owner wishes his website to rank on the first page of a search engine like Google, AOL, MSN, etc. A website's fate e.g. it's ranking in Google Search Engine is not determined by a single factor. There are many important factors that collectively decide ranking of a website on the search engine. If you have been thinking for a long time why your website doesn't rank well on a search engine then after reading this article, you can surely get answer to your queries.

Most important SEO Ranking Factors are:

  • Keywords Preference : The urge of a website owner of getting his website listed on the first few pages of search engine can get fulfilled by the use of appropriate keywords in the title tag. Every web user searches information with the help of certain keywords. And due to time constraint, the users browse through only the first three pages of the results displayed by search engine. So, optimize your website by using adequate keywords in content of each page.
  • Link Popularity of a Website : One of the most important factors that can affect the visibility of a website on the search engine is link popularity of the linking page. This means that the websites to which you link should be 100% relevant to your business and industry. Suppose, if you are dealing in cosmetics and you are linking to a site that deals in toys, then of course it will have impact on your rankings.
  • Diversifying the Link Sources for Search Engine Spiders : Half of the ranking game is won if the website is easily indexable by the search engine spiders. Suppose, there are 5000 pages in your website and 4000 of them are near replicas, then search engines in order to reduce the clutter can de-index these pages, thereby affecting the ranking of the site. Therefore, to reduce attrition and increase ranking of your site on search engine, use sitemaps, strong primary and secondary navigations, hub pages and images with alt attributes.
  • Domain's Age : Age of the site plays vital role in determining the ranking of website on search engine. It is ascertained that the business is established, if the website has online presence of several years. This age factor also helps in building trust.
  • Uniqueness of Content :To differentiate from other pages and flourish the business in this competitive scenario, it is requisite to incorporate unique content on each page of the site. For standing as a relevant landing page, it is mandatory to shape up the website with different and exclusive content, not by just creating replicas of already running text.

Factors Influencing the Websites Ranking on Search Engines are:

  • Spam sites/pages
  • Copied content that is already running on other websites
  • Frequent downtime or Inaccessible of server to the bots
  • Cloaking by users
  • Link acquisition from unknown links

So, in order to rank on the top pages of the search engines, it is necessary for a website to excel in the above mentioned steps. Your time, energy & little efforts can surely make your website, a top ranking site on the search engine.

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