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How Long Tail Will Cure Your SEO Strategy?

Search Engine Optimization | Admin | Last Updated: 2016-09-14

How Long Tail Will Cure Your SEO Strategy?

Search engine optimization (SEO) not only drives the traffic to your website but also enhances your sales. SEO strategy helps buyers or readers to land on the right page in a low amount of time. But, due to continuously increasing competition in the field of SEO, some advances, for example long tail keywords and others; have also come into existence to outrun the competition.
Wondering what long tail keywords are! Long tail keywords are keyword phrases which are longer and more specific. When visitors are very close to making a purchase, they are most likely to use long tail phrases in order to land on the right page without causing any delay to their search.
The Long Tail SEO Strategy
For example, if you browse the word chair on Google, what will your chances be of coming across the right page and click on a sale? But if you search elm wood fiddleback Chair, you exactly know what you are searching, and you will surely be prepared to hit the click on the screen. It is obvious that you will be driving less traffic to your website by using long tail SEO strategy, but the most beneficial thing is the traffic that you will drive will be better, more desirous, more focused and more committed.
When We Say Long Tail, We Really Mean It
The phrase long tail is used as a visual metaphor. Some have even said that SEO is dead or it amounts to spam. The web is the most uncertain and unpredictable, and the change is inevitable. For this reason, the importance of search marketing continues to increase. Therefore, people keep on shifting from traditional strategies to advanced ones. And this is where long tail SEO offers them more committed and more focused traffic.
Benefits Of Long Tail SEO
As being low competitive keywords, long tail SEO keyword phrases are easier to rank. These phrases are thought to be useful to invite more targeted visits as they make the search terms more specific. If you are concerned about action or buying keywords, then the long tail SEO is more likely to provide you what you are thinking of.
Long Tail SEO Is Helpful In Building Trust And Authority
Long tail SEO makes the visitors search more specific, and therefore, they prove to be helpful in building authority and trust. However, this is not the only factor which helps build trust and authority, it can be used well when several placements for long tail keywords are made in order to target more important searches.
Finding Long Tail Keywords
Now, you may have agreed that long tail keywords are significant, you may be thinking of how to find them for your niche.
Google Keyword Planner
can be your starting point. Different keyword ideas can be tried and low competition keywords can be found by using Google Keyword Planner. It also has a keyword filter which you can use to search keywords by competition. Analyze the competition in order to benefit yourself. As the competition is spreading wide and there cannot be any niche without it, it cannot be a bad idea to get a look at what strategies others are using for long tail SEO keyword. For this, you can register to their RSS feed or newsletter if you have liked a keyword phrase they have used.
Some have started claiming that SEO is dead or adds to spam, but don't worry as Long Tail Will Cure Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy. Choosing the appropriate set of long tail keyword phrases should be considered a long-term investment as they do not guarantee you rapid rankings or traffic automatically. But, with consistency and time, your long term strategy will surely pay you off.

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